Upcoming Hollywood Movies 2025

Next year we will witness a lot of new movies from Hollywood. Directors are busy with new projects and many franchises are working on a new addition. 2025 most probably should surprise us with interesting movies from popular franchises. Well, keeping those aside let us see the list of movies that we will witness on the big screens in 2025. 

Upcoming Hollywood Movies In 2025 & Release Date 

  • Film Name: The Batman Part II 
  • Release Date: October 3, 2025

Pattinson who is the new Batman has provided an exceptional performance. Fans of the movie will be expecting him back in future Batman films as well. The filming for the second part is being filmed. A delay was experienced in the production of Batman Part II but that has been resolved. Fans across the globe can expect a timely release of the movie. 

  • Film Name: Avatar 3
  • Release Date: 19th December 2025

If you know that director James Cameron has already speculated the release dates of his Avatar movies. The third addition of the film will be released in 2025 only and that is confirmed. There was a setback in the developments because the developments of the crew took a lot of time. But the release date as of now remains fixed.  

  • Film Name: The Fantastic Four 
  • Release Date: 25th July 2025

The production of a new Fantastic Four movie is in development. A lot of work is left for the movie and fans will be more than happy to wait for it. The movie will have some of the most experienced cast members. It is going to be an exciting movie in 2025.  

  • Film Name: Mission Impossible Dead Reckoning Part II 
  • Release Date: 23rd May 2025
Mission Impossible Dead Reckoning Part II 

You all may know how amusing the MI series is. Well, Dead Reckoning was bound to have a second part because there was no proper ending. We all are quite excited about the release. Christopher McQuarrie will direct the movie. Do not forget to mark your calendars guys.  

  • Film Name: Thunderbolts 
  • Release Date: 2nd May 2025

The movie Thunderbolts is going to be an independent movie from Marvels. Even though not much details have been revealed yet we expect that the movie will be an exciting one. The overall cast and crew members include experienced actors from the industry. So, it will be a surprise from fans. 

  • Film Name: Superman: Legacy 
  • Release Date: 11th July 2025

A new movie from the Superman franchise is going to be released in 2025. It is going to be an animated movie from director James Gunn. Not many deets have been provided yet and it seems like the movie is in its production stages.. 

  • Film Name: Star Wars: Lost Horizons
  • Release Date: 2025

Lost Horizons has completed its production. It seems like the editing and all other miscellaneous works are in development. The movie will be hitting in 2025 so Star Wars fans out there do mark your calendars. 

  • Film Name: Blade 
  • Release Date: 7th Nov 2025

Wesley Snipes really put up a huge fame for the Blade franchise. So, it was obvious that the franchise should not be let be. Yann Demange, the director of the new addition of Blade will develop an independent movie. The plot seems to be under wraps here. Mahershala Ali will provide justice to the character of ‘Blade’ in the film. 

  • Film Name: Captain America: Brave New World 
  • Release Date: 14th Feb 2025

A superhero movie that we all felt emotional, entertaining, and action-packed is Captain America. The franchise will bring a new movie on Valentine’s Day next year. Since it is an early release of 2025 fans will not have to wait longer. 

  • Film Name: Fast X Part 2
  • Release Date: 4th April 2025

Fast X Part 2 is going to be the continuation of its previous film. Jason Momoa still remains undefeated. What will Dom and his family do to keep him out of their hair? Well, mark your calendar people because this movie will reveal all your doubts. There was also a huge hint at the end of the previous film where we saw Gal Gadot is alive and fine. 

  • Film Name: Constantine 2
  • Release Date: Late 2025 or 2026

Constantine 2 has been announced and it seems like Keanu will be reprising his role in the movie. The release date has also not been announced yet. This could be due to the busy schedule of DC. There is going to be a lot of work and we think that the movie may not even arrive in 2025. But, let us hope for the best. 

  • Film Name: Star Wars: A Droid Story 
  • Release Date: NA

The Star Wars franchise has announced a new addition to its franchise. There are very few details for this new movie. At the moment only the announcement is official. No director has been casted and neither the line of casts for the movie. 

  • Film Name: John Wick Chapter 5
  • Release Date: 2025 or 2026

The fifth installment of John Wick does not have a proper release date yet. We are still in doubt that the production has even begun yet. Keanu seems to have a busy schedule ahead. The expected release could be late 2025 if production begins as soon as possible. There has been no director assigned yet. 

  • Film Name: Avatar The Last Airbender: Echoes and Aftershocks 
  • Release Date: October 10th 2025

A highly anticipated movie that will be getting a new addition in 2025 is Avatar The Last Airbender: Echoes and Aftershocks. Lauren Montogomery will be serving as the director in the movie. The filming schedule is not publicly available and there seems to be no update about production progress. But, if every other thing is in order then there should be no delay.

Top Hollywood 2025 Movies list

Here is a table of some upcoming Hollywood movies in 2025.

NameGenreRelease DateDirectorCast
The Batman Part IIAction, Crime, Drama10 January 2025Matt ReevesRobert Pattinson, Jeffrey Wright, Andy Serkis
Fantastic FourAction, Adventure, Sci-Fi4 April 2025Matt ShakmanVanessa Kirby, Pedro Pascal, Ebon Moss-Bachrach
Avatar 3Action, Adventure, Fantasy18 April 2025James CameronZoe Saldana, Michelle Yeoh, Sigourney Weaver, David Thewlis
ThunderboltsAction, Adventure, Crime2 May 2025Jake SchreierFlorence Pugh, Harrison Ford, Geraldine Viswanathan, Hannah John-Kamen
Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part TwoAction, Adventure, Thriller23 May 2025Christopher McQuarrieTom Cruise, Rebecca Ferguson, Vanessa Kirby, Hayley Atwell
BladeAction, Fantasy, Horror6 June 2025Yann DemangeMahershala Ali, Mia Goth, Delroy Lindo
Captain America: Brave New WorldAction, Adventure, Sci-Fi23 June 2025Julius OnahAnthony Mackie, Rosa Salazar, Liv Tyler, Harrison Ford
Constantine 2Action, Fantasy, Horror 4 July 2025Francis LawrenceKeanu Reeves, Peter Stormare
Fast X: Part 2Action, Crime, Thriller21 July 2025Louis LeterrierVin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, Jason Momoa, Nathalie Emmanuel
Star Wars: Lost HorizonsSci-Fi15 August 2025Giovanni MichaelCJ Morrison, Scott Rees, Chaz Taylor, Blanca Samperio

I hope this helps you plan your movie-watching schedule. 😊

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