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Jake Schreier, an American made director has been appointed to direct the movie Thunderbolts. Apart from being a film director, Jake is also into directing commercial and music videos.

He has worked on the television show titled Puppet Rapist which is a comedy television mini series. He is currently working on his upcoming project Thunderbolts which has a 30th April, 2025 scheduled release date. 

What Is The Movie About?

Production company Marvel Studios seems to always be quite excited to bring something new for its fans all across the globe. Thunderbolts will be yet another superhero film in the Marvel Universe.

The movie will be about an anti-superhero group who will have to fight the bad to save innocent lives. These superheroes will be recruited by the government to do the ‘saving’ mission and accomplish them. 

About Director Of Thunderbolts 2025

As you already know , it is Jake Schreier who will be directing a Marvel Universe movie this time known as the Thunderbolts. The movie is set for an April 2025 release and as of now it is in its early production phase.

Jacob Stacey Schreier also known as Jake Schreier is a brilliant director known for his works not just in film projects but commercial and music videos are his strong areas as well. 

He was born on Sep 29, 1981 and is currently 42 years old having immense knowledge and skills in directing. He kicked off his film career in 2006 when he landed a contract with Park Pictures. Park Pictures was a commercial and film production company. He worked on numerous commercials during this time. 

Six years later in the year 2012, Jake released his first feature film titled Robot & Frank. The film had focused on science and technology which was appreciated by critics and also the viewers. Later, he went on to do several projects that only added to his professional career.

In 2016, Jake had directed a performance footage which was later released by Chance The Rapper titled Magnificent Coloring World. This concert film was made out of footage directed by Jake.

Plot & Themes Of Thunderbolts 2025

Thunderbolts, as of now, is a movie that is rated as Action/Sci-fi. The movie will most probably showcase an unimaginable group getting together for a difficult mission. But, with the government being involved it is possible we could experience a bit of drama in it. The anti superhero movie will feature different superhero characters right from Black Widow to Bucky Barnes. 

We expect there is going to be a new set of villains in the movie whose origins will only be revealed once the movie releases. They could possess advanced technical guns and other powerful tools to provide a worthy battle to their opponent. The combination of these will create an impactful edge of the seat experience to the audience. 

Cast Of Thunderbolts 2025

  • Florence Pugh as Black Widow: One of the lead casts on board the Thunderbolts movie project is Florence Pugh. She appeared in the film Black Widow alongside Scarlett Johannson. This time we will see more of her playing a role that just ideally suits her. 
  • Sebastian Stan as Bucky Barnes: We all loved how Bucky’s character turned ever since Captain America: Winter Soldier. He is yet another protagonist whose presence in the film will prove vital.
  • Harrison Ford as Thaddeus ‘Thunderbolt’ Ross: This is going to be his first ever MCU project. His character as Thaddeus will be the backbone of the movie. Harrison Ford may also be seen in Captain America; Brave New World which is also set to release in 2025. 

Production Of Thunderbolts 2025

It was director James Gunn who had shown interest in developing a film like Thunderbolts back in 2014 while he was working for Guardians of The Galaxy.

But, his interest declined after he directed The Suicide Squad in 2021. It was a year later when Jake Schreier became interested to become a part of the project. 

In Jan 2023 there was news that the filming of Thunderbolts would begin by June 2023. But, Lee Sung Jin had revealed that director Jake had requested him to rewrite the script.

The filming was delayed by the 2023 Writers Guild of America strike. The release date of the film was pushed back two times after the strike ended from December 2024 to July 2025. 

The principal photography of the film only started by Feb 2024. The filming finally took place in Emery County and Grand County, Utah from May 29th to June 12th, 2024.

The filming has been wrapped by mid-June 2024. Harry Yoon and Angela Catanzaro are serving as the editors of the film. A small behind-the-scenes was also shown at CineEurope in June. 

Anticipated Impact Of Thunderbolts 2025

Thunderbolts has a promising storyline and overall plot. With an experienced line of casts selected for the movie, Thunderbolts may break records at the box office. The MCU universe will provide specific hints about their upcoming projects through Thunderbolts. Characters in the movie will showcase how they end up in the future. 

When Is The Release Date?

Thunderbolts has a release date of May 5th, 2025 in the United States of America. It is being said that this is going to be the final film of Phase Five of the MCU. 

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