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About Cookies

Cookies are some kinds of data with unique identifiers use on the browsers to send or know the user has returned to the website. Most website usually use cookies to track the users browsing different webpages or websites.

cookies are used to send the data to the web server from website. Cookies used by websites are generally of two types “fixed cookies” or “session cookies”. Fixed cookies are the cookies that remain valid till the expiration date whereas session cookies expire the moment browser is closed. User can’t delete the fixed cookies before expiration date.

Cookies on the website – We use the session cookies on our website

How we use cookies

Cookies does not store any personal data or information of the user, cookies only store the browser information or the activities you perform on the website however it can be linked to your personal information. The cookies we use on the website are used to know the interests, webpage navigation, content and advertisements.

We may use the cookies information for the following objectives:

  • To identify your system as you visit the website
  • To track your visits on the different webpages
  • To improve websites functionality
  • To know the advertisement content, you like and personalize the website according to the your interests.

Third party cookies

While using the website cookies, you may encounter the third party cookies. Mostly advertisers and service providers available on our website may send you cookies. Also they can use the information they got from your use of their cookies like to track the web surfing activity of yours, showing similar advertisements that interests you or get the information we make available in the cookie policy.

Blocking cookies

Many browsers website allow users to not accept the cookies or cookie policy. For example:

In the firefox user can block the cookies by un-checking the “Accept Cookies from sites” in the privacy box vailable in “tools” section.

In chrome user can personalize the cookie permission in the content settings of “privacy” section by clicking “options” and then “under the hood”.

In the internet explorer you can deny all the cookies under the “tools”, “internet options”, “privacy” and the selecting “Block all cookies”. However blocking all the cookies can affect the visibility of many websites. it also affects the users features like accessing content, search function and log in/log out function.

Deleting Cookies

you can delete the cookies that store information on your system by doing manually or customizing the settings of the browsers. Though it can have negative impact on the profitableness of the websites.

Contacting us

Please contact us, if you have any questions.

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