Taylor and Katie

Taylor and Katie are a team on The Amazing Race Canada Season 10 – 2024, both recent graduates of the University of Alberta’s Pandas Wrestling team. They are aiming to be the next all-women team to win the Competition. Here’s what we know about them.



Who are Taylor and Katie from Amazing Race Canada 2024?

Taylor and Katie are the friendship-duo appearing in the upcoming season of Amazing Race Canada. The friends took to their social media account via a post revealing their official entry in the show.

Taylor and Katie Wiki/Bio 

Taylor and Katie bonded up due to their similar profession as a wrestler. The friendship duo has decided to team up together this season to participate and win. The youngsters were born and brought up in Edmonton. They decided to pursue a career in wrestling.

Even though people may feel that wrestlers tend to have an aggressive mindset which is true may not apply to this duo. Both Taylor and Katie take their professional life quite seriously but at the same time love to have fun and enjoy themselves. 

What is the net worth of Taylor and Katie?

The net worth of Taylor and Katie is not publicly revealed. They seem to be in great financial condition since they are professional wrestlers.

Taylor McPherson is a young athlete and is also an ambassador at Newo Wellness. Katie, on the other hand is also an athlete but loves being an educator as well.

Are Taylor and Katie married?

Well, there are no details about them being married. It seems like both are just best friends to each other and are single at the moment.

The duo did not share anything about having a boyfriend either. It seems like they like keeping their family and personal life private. 

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