Dorothy Adeneye & Olus Adeneye

Dorothy and Olus are a married couple competing on The Amazing Race Canada 2024. They are known as “The Lovers” on the show.


Full NameDorothy Adeneye
OccupationContent Creator/Advertising Professional
InstagramThe OT Love Train (@theloversxo)


Full NameOlus Adeneye
OccupationContent Creator/Advertising Professional
InstagramThe OT Love Train (@theloversxo)

Who are Dorothy and Olus from Amazing Race Canada 2024?

Dorothy and Olus are a happily married couple who has decided to take part in the reality game show. They have announced their involvement in the game via Instagram posts just like other contestants. 

Wiki and Biography of Dorothy and Olus Amazing Race Canada

Dorothy & Olus represent themselves as the happily married couple in the game show. This season they have teamed up together to prove their worth as a competitor against others.

The married entrepreneur seems to be an artist and a television star. They were born and brought up in Calgary and after completing their studies decided to try their luck in entrepreneurship. 

What is the net worth of Dorothy and Olus?

The net worth of the couple has not been revealed publicly. However, it is likely that the duo operates their business smoothly and has good income flow. They do not have any additional source of income.

According to their Instagram profile, they have released a debut single titled ‘NONO’ which is available to stream on all platforms. They may earn a certain amount from their release.  

Are Dorothy and Olus married?

Yes, Dorothy and Olus are married. They have entered the show as a married couple and as a team. There are no details about the couple having any kids.

They seem to have kept their family life quite private. Both seem to share great interest and love for traveling and engaging in fun activities.

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