Upcoming Hollywood Movies In 2026

‘Hollywood’ is never going to stop producing the most entertaining movies on the planet. A lot of work is going on in the industry. Directors and producers are looking to give their best in their films. So, it is obvious that they will be taking time to write, edit, edit, and cast.

On the other hand, some films have already begun production. Films which do not have a 2024 or 2025 release date but a 2026 release has been confirmed. Let’s check which films will be making their way to the big screens in 2026. 

Upcoming Hollywood Movies in 2026

  • Film Name: Avengers: The Kang Dynasty 
  • Release Date: 1st May 2026

Records are expected to break once again in 2026 as Avengers: The Kang Dynasty will hold potential to become the highest grossing films in history. This new addition to the Avenger franchise will be directed by Destin Cretton. The plot of the movie seems to be under wraps at the moment. As time goes on there will be revelations made about the movie. 

  • Film Name: Inspector Gadget 
  • Release Date: 23rd July 2026

It is quite early to let you guys know about the production of Inspector Gadget. But, the movie has been announced and it will have the mentioned release date. We do not know who will direct the movie as of now. 

  • Film Name: Eternals 2
  • Release Date: Late 2026 

Year 2026 has kept a lot of surprises for Marvel fans. Eternals will release its sequel as the previous movie has left fans hanging. It is still quite early to predict the exact release date. The expectations are high that the release will be late 2026 or it could be early 2027. Whatever may be, we will have to keep waiting for further updates. 

  • Film Name: Frozen III 
  • Release Date: 25th November 2026

Frozen is one of those movies that has left every viewer emotional. The sequel was a good one and with Disney announcing its third sequel we are quite excited about it. Disney also plans to bring additional Frozen sequels in the future. As of now you guys will be surprised that filming has also started. 

  • Film Name: Toy Story 5
  • Release Date: 2026

The confirmation of the fifth installment of the Toy Story series is confirmed. As of now the exact release date is not announced from Disney. It is possible that due to the tight schedule of the production house it has not been announced. Original characters Buzz and Woody are expected to make their return in the franchise. 

  • Film Name: Star Wars: New Jedi Order 
  • Release Date: 18th December 2026

Last year a new film was announced with the title New Jedi Order. It was a surprise for the fans and what’s more surprising is that filming will begin by April 2024. Do not worry guys because we expect that the production will be over within its speculated time period. The mentioned date is going to be the exact date when the film arrives. 

  • Film Name: My African Vacation 
  • Release Date: 13th Dec 2026

My Africa Vacation is a famous book written by Ozi Okaro. Well, a film is being made where the lead characters visit the jungles of Africa to find their missing father. The poster of the movie suggests that it is going to be an animated movie. 

  • Film Name: The Kidnapping Of Edgardo Mortara  
  • Release Date: 2026

The movie is in its pre-production stages. The movie’s casts are not revealed yet but it could be a non-fictional storyline. The production house of the movie is also unannounced and the exact date of the release is under wraps. It may be too early for us to judge its release. 

  • Film Name: Thing One And Thing Two 
  • Release Date: 2026

An animated and fantasy genre movie that will most probably arrive in 2026 is Thing One and Thing Two. Plot of the movie is still unknown and the cast of the movie is also not revealed. The production seems to have not started yet. We could expect some updates about it soon enough. 

  • Film Name: Friday The 13th 
  • Release Date: March 13th 2026

This movie is going to be the reboot of the classic horror film. Fun fact is that this movie will be hitting the big screens after 40 years of the original movie release. So, fans will definitely be attracted to what the movie is going to put on the table for us. Not many details have been revealed yet but the movie has only been announced as of now. 

  • Film Name: Shang-Chi Sequel 
  • Release Date: 2026

It may come as a piece of good news that Shang-Chi will be having a sequel in 2026. To be honest, the exact dates have not been revealed yet and nor the production. Lead actor Liu has given some hints that there could be one in the process. Only time will tell where this news could lead us. 

  • Film Name: The Ark And The Aardvark 
  • Release Date: April 30 2026

Another animated movie addition for the year 2026 is Ark and the Aardvark. Director John Stevenson has been appointed to direct the movie. We think that the production is still in its early stages. Fans are very much excited about it because the film is going to be an entertaining rollercoaster. 

  • Film Name: A Star Wars Film From Taika Waititi
  • Release Date: 2026 (Expected)

A new Star Wars movie will be added to the franchise with an untitled movie title. The title at the moment is not revealed because there is little information and the production may not have begun yet. It is going to be a gift for Star Wars viewers and fans that a lot of movies will be released in 2026. Only after some production will we be able to receive some updates. 

Here is a upcoming Hollywood movies in 2026

TitleGenreRelease DateDirectorStars
Avengers: The Kang DynastyAction, Adventure, Sci-FiMay 1, 2026UnknownJeremy Renner, Anthony Mackie, Tenoch Huerta
Toy Story 5Animation, Adventure, ComedyJune 19, 2026UnknownUnknown
Star Wars: New Jedi OrderAction, Adventure, FantasyDecember 18, 2026UnknownUnknown
The Ark and the AardvarkAnimationMarch 6, 2026John StevensonAubrey Plaza, Miles Teller, Jenny Slate, Stephen Merchant
Untitled Taika Waititi Star Wars FilmAction, Adventure, FantasyJuly 24, 2026Taika WaititiUnknown
Frozen IIIAnimation, Adventure, ComedyNovember 27, 2026UnknownKristen Bell, Jonathan Groff, Josh Gad, Idina Menzel

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