The Traitors US Season 3 AuditionThe Traitors US Season 3 Audition

The Traitors USA has been an entertaining rollercoaster for its viewers. The second season which is currently ongoing is in its midpoint. Soon, we will witness who is the ultimate winner of the show. But, for now, there are many out there who are eager to join as participants in the show.

Well, if you are interested then you have landed in the right place because here in this article we are about to reveal it to you about The Traitors US season 3 application process. 

How To Apply USA Contestants For The Traitors 2025 Season 3?

Most reality television shows have adapted online methods for the application process of the contestants. This is because things become easier for the contestants and as well as for the production team. Well, a similar process is expected to be followed for  The Traitors as well in case they are coming back with their third season next year. 

Before you apply for the show you must check your eligibility criteria. If you are unable to meet the eligibility criteria then your application may get rejected straight away. As of now there is no direct way of applying for The Traitors USA online.

However, you can still follow the official social media pages of the show to keep up with the latest details. In case the team posts anything about casting then you will be the first one to know about it. 

If possible, interested contestants can also get in touch with the production company, Studio Lambert to know about casting details. There are other shows that the production company conducts often and if any of them interests you then you can know the casting details for those as well. 

How to Apply UK Contestants For The Traitors Season 3?

There is an official website for the UK contestants to apply for The Traitors show. The steps and the procedure to apply online is quite simple. Mentioned below is a proper guide on how to fill out the application form for The Traitors season 3 UK contestants. 

  • First, visit the website BBC.UK or click in the link here: The Traitors | Shows and tours (
  • Scroll down a little and on the left side of the page you will see an ‘Apply Online’ section. Here, you will see that a link will be provided for the application page. Click on that. 
  • A new page will pop up which is also the application form page/website. Click on the link here to visit: CAST IT REACH
  • Candidates would have to read and agree the eligibility requirements and then register on the platform. 
  • If you have registered successfully then you do not have to register again. Just scroll down the page and then sign in with your credentials. 
  • The deadline for the UK application process is 17th March 2024.

What Is The USA Traitors Casting Process For 2025?

As mentioned earlier, there is no official process for US citizens to apply for The Traitors show. But, there are certain steps that can be taken to get in touch with the production team. For example, interested candidates can follow the official social media pages of the production company and directly message them there.

Or if the teamposts any information about the casting details it would make things easier for the interested candidates. If the production team conducts an open casting call then you may be called for an audition for which you must submit the audition physically.

Depending on the method that the casting team is going to adopt, interested candidates should be notified about it through social media. Unlike the UK version of the show, the American version does not have an official website where candidates can just register themselves. 

What Is The Online Audition & Application Process For The Traitors US Season 3?

Well, it all depends on the production and casting team. This is because if they want to adapt online methods for the audition and application process then candidates would be notified via social media platforms.

If the casting team decides to go for the online method then it is obvious that they would want candidates to submit their auditions online as well. This also hints that the application and the registration process will be supposedly online as well. 

On the other hand, if the casting team decides to go on with an open casting call system then that would be a totally different thing. In this method the casting team will set up audition camps at different locations and in case you are lucky then the casting team will visit your city/state.

The audition process will be held at the site and you will have to physically be present at the location. So, for now, you would have to just have to wait for the confirmation about the casting process. 

What Are The Requirements To Participate In US and UK Versions Of The Traitors Series?

There are certain requirements to participate in the Traitors series. Interested candidates must fulfill all the requirements before they can even apply for the show in the first place. Candidates will not be allowed to apply if they do not meet the eligibility criteria for both the versions of the series. Mentioned below are some of the few eligibility criteria and requirements for the show. 

  • Candidates applying for the show must be at least 18 years of age to apply. Anyone below the age limit will not be allowed to register. 
  • Candidates must be a legal resident of the US or UK and must possess legal documents as a proof. 
  • Selected candidates must be available for the filming process. The filming may take place for at least 4 weeks. The timeline may change for the filming process.
  • Candidates must agree to the terms and conditions. 

When Will The Traitors Season 3 Be Released? 

As of now the second season is currently ongoing and sooner or later we will receive news about the renewal of the third season as well. Viewing the past release dates of the previous shows then we can expect an early 2025 release for the third season.

The application window and the audition process is yet to be confirmed by the production team or the casting team. All in all, we can expect a Jan 2025 release for the third season. 

What Is The Official Email ID And Phone Number Of USA The Traitors?

  • (Email ID)
  • +44(0)20 8208 1166 (10am-4pm) 

Who Is The Host Of The Traitors For 2025?

Actor Alan Cumming is the official host for the US version of the show. He has been the host ever since the first season which debuted last year in Jan 2023. Whereas in the UK version of the show, Claudia Winkleman is the presenter. She has got quite the experience in presenting because she has been host for several other shows. 

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