Bad girl club audition 2025Bad girl club audition 2025

Attention all fearless women! The Auditions for the Bad Girl Club 2025 are not scheduled yet as according to the production house season 17 was the final season but who knows what plans the production house has.

Auditions and application process for the show will come out after the renewal of the television show Bad Girls Club and if you wish to be a contestant then your presence is requested.

To become a contestant in Oxygen’s original show Bad Girls Club check out the audition process on the official website of the Bad Girls Club production.

Know the eligibility criteria Once you satisfy the criteria fill out the application form we all the details required. If you have what it takes to be the Bad Girl then it’s your time to shine in the Bad Girls Club 2025. 

What About Bad Girls Club? 

Bad Girls Club is an extremely wild and entertaining reality television show on Oxygen TV channel created by Mary-Ellis Bunim and Jonathan Murray. The show has captivated audiences with its dramatic content.

The show features seven assertive, argumentative, and confrontational women engaging in intense altercations. Referred to as charismatic powerful chicks due to their bold personalities, the cast members reside in a lavish mansion for three months, adhering to strict rules.

A dedicated production crew meticulously captures every moment both inside and outside the house. The international appeal of the show extends to MTV airing it in Australia, New Zealand, and Russia, while RTL 5 broadcasts it in the Netherlands.

Additionally, it graces the screens of the national TV channel in Sweden, as highlighted on the official website. The production has released the final 17th season of Bad Girls Club on Netflix and there are no announcements about the show’s renewal. 

How to audition for Bad Girl Club 2025?

To audition for the reality television show Bad Girls Club 2025, make sure you follow all the eligibility criteria of the show. The general process to audition for the show is mentioned as the production of the show hasn’t made the announcements yet. Are you eager to infuse the Bad Girls Club Auditions with your daring energy? Here’s the process to follow:

  • Head to the official website.
  • Click on the Apply Online link.
  • Activate the link to access the registration form.
  • Fill in your information accurately, covering your name, birthdate, height, and weight.
  • Opt for the audition category of your choice.
  • Attach your audition video and photograph.
  • Complete all the necessary details.

Seize this opportunity to be on the show once you get selected. 

How to Casting Bad Girl Club for 2025?

If you are someone who recognizes yourself as a bad girl and is ready to show the boldness in you to the world then you are invited to join the amazing Bad Girls Club. the very first step to getting cast on the show is to visit the official website of the show’s production.

Check out the eligibility criteria and if you fulfill the criteria move forward and navigate the website. Click on the Casting and select Bad Girls Club to unveil the path to your auditions. Showcasing your personality is key, starting with three carefully chosen photos that capture your essence.

Opt for images that highlight your vibrant personality and showcase your face. Remember, the Bad Girls mansion thrives on attractive women with big personalities! The entry form also requires links to your Facebook and Instagram profiles, so ensure they reflect your true self.

Completing the entry form is a straightforward process, but make sure to answer questions like What makes you a ‘Bad Girl? and more effectively. Submit the form when you’re satisfied with your responses, but keep in mind the Bad Girls Club casting directors are looking for confidence and outspokenness.

If attending an Open Casting Call is more your style, find one near you on the Bunim/Murray Productions website or The Bad Girls Club Casting Page on Facebook. Don’t forget to fill out the form online before heading to the casting call.

Looking your best is crucial, so embrace your authentic style, maintain good hygiene, and exude confidence at the casting call. Channel your inner Bad Girl by deciding which aspects of your personality to showcase. Filming a reel can boost your chances, so introduce yourself and explain why you’d be an excellent cast member.

Embrace your unique character and back story, making sure your form, casting call presence, and optional reel create a cohesive image. Hold nothing back during the audition process. The Bad Girls Club casting directors are searching for captivating, bold personalities, so let your true self shine!

Bad girl casting process for 2025

What Are the Eligibility Criteria for Bad Girl Club?

  • The eligibility criteria to join the reality show Bad Girls Club is simple. So get ready to be part of the Bad Girls Club:
  • The minimum age to join the show is 21.
  • Contestants should be from the East Coast or West Coast and should be a proud representative of their coast. 
  • Contestants willing to join must be confident, outgoing, captivating and fun.

Venue date and time for casting and audition?

The schedule of the Bad Girls Club is not known yet. The production team has not made any official announcements regarding the renewal of the show. The aspiring contestants of the show can visit the official website to get to know about the Venue date and time.

How do you get on the Bad Girl Club show?

  • To get on the exciting show Bad Girls Club apply for the auditions and casting of the show from the Bunim/Murray Productions website. Register yourself with the required details.
  • Upload your best pictures and videos to increase your chances in the process.
  • Complete the application form and wait for the callback from the casting team of the show.

How much do bad girls get paid?

The bad girls get paid approximately $500 per week and more depending on their performance in the show. They probably earn $20K annually. 

What is the Audience Reviews and Rating for Bad Girl Club?

The show Bad Girls Club has positive reviews on different websites. The show has secured 3.5 plus rotten tomatoes and a generous rating for the show with positive reviews. 

Audience Reviews and Rating for Bad Girls Club


Q. Is Bad Girl Club coming back in 2025?

There are no updates for the renewal of the Bad Girls Club 2025. Check out the official website to know more.

Q. How many seasons of Bad Girl Club?

Bad Girls Club is a popular series of Oxygen and has 17 seasons and season 17 is the final season of the reality series Bad Girl Club.

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