American singing competition show but with an unique setup of singing anonymously, The Masked Singer is back with its 12th season this year. Lesser known celebrities are selected and take the stage disguised in fantasy-like costumes.

This series has been running successfully since 2019 and with a brand new season coming up new contestants will have the opportunity to compete. 

What is the Application Process for the Masked Singer Season 12?

There are various ways/methods to submit your application to the production team. Eligible candidates need to ensure that they have read the terms and conditions of the show.

Producers of the show have always selected famous celebs for every season. So, until and unless you somewhat have some fame in the industry you may not be considered as a contestant. 

There are no official websites where anyone could fill out an application form and send it right away. But, there is a casting website where you may be able to submit your details for the casting process. Click on the link here to visit the website directly: The Masked Singer – Reality Show Application Form (

How To Audition For The Masked Singer Season 12?

Auditions are a mandatory thing if you want to see yourself as a contestant in any reality show. Similarly, contestants are selected after they are able to impress the producers of the show.

Before you enter as a contestant in The Masked Singer you will have to submit your audition to the producer. The recording will be analyzed by them before they make a decision on your recording. 

Producers will prefer lesser known celebs from any background. You may be a television presenter, singer, actor, or anyone. You need to submit your auditions to them and then based on that you will be called upon and perform on the stage. 

What Are The Masked Singer Season 12 Eligibility Criteria? 

There are certain eligibility criteria that interested contestants need to keep in mind. It is the producers of the show who are directly responsible for selecting contestants. So, apart from submitting auditions contestants need to also be eligible first to compete in the singing competition show. Let us look at the highlights of the eligibility criteria below. 

  • Contestants must be famous but they should be lesser known in the eyes of the public. This is done so that the public do not recognise them easily. 
  • Candidates above the age of 18 are preferred. 
  • They should be a legal resident of the United States and must possess valid documents. 
  • Interested contestants must mandatorily submit their auditions to the producers. 
  • Contestants must read and agree to the terms and conditions willingly. 
  • It is also important for selected contestants to be available for filming. 

When Is The Masked Singer Season 12 Being Premiered?

With a new judge in this season, fans will see the new season arriving in March 2025. This new season will announce a new winner and the journey needs to be witnessed by all. Episodes and competition are going to be as exciting as ever. 

Who Are The Judges & Host Of The Masked Singer Season 12?

You guys can expect the original judges to be back in the upcoming season. A confirmed lineup of Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy and Robin Thicke can be expected in the upcoming season. Rita Ora will be a new one this season to join the above singing sensations as a judge. Nick Cannon will continue to host the series this season. 

What Is The Prize Given To The Winner Of The Masked Singer?

The American version of the show winners will be receiving a trophy at the end. Additionally, they also receive a certain sum of money for appearing in the show. So, it may be a win-win situation for all and no one even has to leave for home empty-handed. The UK version of the show does not award any trophy or money to the winning contestant. 

Where Can I Watch The Masked Singer?

The Masked Singer will be exclusively available on Fox. If you have an active subscription on Fox you will be able to stream fresh episodes. Otherwise, Hulu is another platform where you can watch the episodes of The Masked Singer. 

Is Masked Singer Season 12 Renewed? What Is The Release Date?

We do not know if a new season will be announced as of now. But, sooner or later the team has to make a decision on this. The show has so far been loved by the fans. This is the biggest reason for them to come back in 2025 with a new season. But, let us not get carried away and have some patience for the renewal. 

Only after the show’s 12th season renewal and announcement will it be possible to make an assumption about the release date. Once again there is going to be a lot of singing and drama and comedy this season. Hope you all are ready for it. 

The Masked Singer Season 12 Trailer Released by Makers

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