America’s Got Talent season 19 is currently underway, with its premiere episode airing on May 28. The talent show is a season close to touching the two decade mark and as always this season is being as fascinating as ever it could be.

With the magical performance from contestants like Chris Wilson, fans along with the judges are going crazy. Chris Wilson is making a buzz recently because of his latest appearance and performance in America’s Got Talent season 19. Viewers are now eager to know more about Chris. 

Personal Life And Biography 

Chris Wilson made it to the auditions stage in the talent show previous episode. The 38-year-old hails from Canada. His interest for learning and performing magic was developed almost a decade ago.

Apart from being a skilled magician, Wilson is also great in performing comedy skits. He used to create skits and sketches videos and used to post them on YouTube along with his buddy Peter Carlone.

The friends’ duo has even started a podcast channel called This Time It’s Different alongside another one.   

Early Life And Education 

Chris Wilson was born and brought up by his parents in Canada. It is likely that Wilson had completed his schooling from an education institution in Canada only. He was always fascinated in learning new things ever since he was a schoolboy.

He always received full support to follow his passion from his family members. Furthermore, he discovered his interest in doing comedic magic performances several years ago. His dedication and perseverance to learn new tricks helped him perform in AGT auditions 2024.

Career Beginnings 

The exact career beginning of Chris Wilson as a comedic magician and podcaster is from the year 2012 and 2020 respectively. He partnered up with his friend Peter Carlone to learn and perform skits and sketches on YouTube.

The duo decided that their performance could be showcased on the AGT show and let people know about their magic talents. 

Major Achievements 

Chris Wilson, making his way to the America’s Got Talent auditions is one of his major achievements. He always wanted to showcase his talent at a stage like the AGT, which he did fulfill after his performance last night. Unfortunately, he was unable to make it through the auditions because all judges said ‘No’ to his performance. 

Chris Wilson, America’s Got Talent Audition Performance 

Chris did bring something wacky to the table during his performance on the AGT audition round. He started off with a funny dance and along with it his epic comedy magic skit. He appeared confident, but his performance did not impress any judges.

Audiences were also left confused, possibly thinking about what possibly he could do next. Judge Howie was the first one to press the ‘x’ button.

Well, at the end of his performance, judges didn’t think that he could move to the further stages of the show, which is why everyone responded ‘No’ to his audition. 

Chris Wilson Family, Wife, Girlfriend

Chris Wilson did not reveal many details about his family or anything about his personal life. Well, he is very active on his Instagram account where he keeps posting stuff about his skits. With around 6500 followers on his social media he has quite the fan following. 

Current Net Worth 

Chris Wilson’s primary sources of income comes from his YouTube channel and podcast channel that he and his friend Peter Carlone manage. He seems to have had good growth on his channel over the past couple of years.

We do not know if he has any other additional sources of income like a family business or something. But, it would be fair to say that he has quite a decent income to live a good life. 

Social Media 

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