Bianca is the perfect definition of a strong and confident woman. She is going to appear on the show for the first time ever. We feel that Bianca is a friendly and a kind-hearted person and is also a strategically clever one.

Her eye is only at the ultimate prize money and she would give her best to not let that slip away. Yes, this is one of her best moments in her life. 

Show nameClaim To Fame Season 3
Real Name Bianca 
Gender Female 


The Celebrity Relative Of Mine Is:Aunt
The World Knows My Celebrity Relative As An: Actress 
My Celebrity Relative Has Won The: A Peabody Award 

Background & Early Life

Bianca is a female contestant selected on Claim To Fame season 3. She is the only colored woman who will compete for the ultimate cash prize this season. When it comes to talking about her confidence then she has a lot of that.

Belonging to a celebrity background family may help her develop certain skills and interests related to the film industry. Who knows that she could be the next big actress or a singer. 

Claim to Fame Journey

The hints that she has provided has left us all confused because she could be anyone’s relative. Bianca seems to be doing good with the show so far and many viewers have already become her favorite.

Since the show is just starting out, the journey that lay ahead for Bianca will be challenging. But, she is a big girl now who can overcome every challenge that you throw at her.


Her identity revelation will be one of the tough ones to guess. She is yet a smart woman who knows what is best for her to win the big cash prize at the end of the season.

On the other hand, she also knows how to keep herself safe from elimination. Yes, she is a fun-loving person who is excited to start out on this show for the first time carrying a positive attitude.  

Bianca Claim to Fame

Achievements & Aspirations

Bianca making it through the Claim to Fame season 3 is one of her biggest achievements. She is a huge fan of the Jonas brothers. However, her win in the show is going to be a much bigger achievement for her in her life. She will have to keep a cool mind to tackle every difficult situation that lay ahead. 

Future Aspirations

Just like any other contestant on the show Bianca is also aiming for that huge cash prize. We do not know what she is going to do with that much money but we sure know she is going to follow her passion.

Belonging to a celebrity background family we may see her in one of the professions related to the entertainment industry some day. 

Social Media

Bianca loves sharing her followers her day to day activities through social media stories and posts. The beautiful looking woman is available on almost all social media platforms.

But, as of now it seems like she has kept things private so that people do not guess who she is and her celebrity relatives. 

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