America’s Got Talent season 19 is currently underway and viewers may feel that it is going as exciting as ever. Amazing talents are taking to the stage and keeping everyone shocked with their performances.

Erica Rhodes is also a contestant on AGT season 19. Rhodes is known to be a stand-up comedian and an actress in the United States. She performed one of her comical acts in the audition round previously. 

When Did Erica Rhodes Appear On AGT?

Erica Rhodes appeared during the ‘Auditions 5’ round on July 2, 2024. That particular episode received over 5 million viewers. Erica’s comical act made us realize that she is full of talent and also humor. Judge Sofia Vergara said that Rhodes was her ‘favorite comedian’ on AGT. 

How Did Erica Rhodes Perform On AGT?

As a comedian, Erica threw one of her comical incidents in the auditions episode previously on AGT. Her decision to speak up about her personal life had everyone laughing from the audience.

Erica knows how to keep her audience engaged by putting up surprising elements during her performance. She joked saying that she got heartbroken 15 times and that too by the same guy. 

What Is Erica Rhodes’ Comedic Style?

Erica uses the element of surprise in her stand-up comedy skits. Her jokes are personal and are hilariously funny. While judge Cowell seems to be not much into comedy, he did have a good laugh when Rhodes shared her story to the audience. She loves to get to the audience off-guard through her story-telling comedic style.

What Is Erica Rhodes’s Age & Biography?

Erica Rhodes is professionally a stand-up comedian and an actress. She had even made a guest appearance on Modern Family. Erica was born on 5th April in 1983. The 41-year old belongs from Massachusetts, USA. 

Real Name Erica Rhodes 
Born April 5, 1983
Body FigureWeight: 119 Lbs, Bust: 34″, Waist: 26″, Hips: 32″, Cup: C
Hometown Newton, Massachusetts, USA
Occupation Stand-Up Comedian & Actress
Marital Status Single/Unmarried 

Early Life & Background 

Erica Rhodes is an American stand-up comedian and an actress. She was born and brought up in her hometown in Newton. Born to typical American parents she completed her studies from Boston University College of Fine Arts. She completed her graduation from Atlantic Theater Conservatory.

She picked up interest working in the Hollywood industry quite early and has even landed a few notable projects during her acting career. Rhodes continues to work actively as a stand-up comedian and a film producer. 

Erica Rhodes body figure

Career Beginnings

Rhodes has gained immense experience working as an actress in various Hollywood projects. At just the age of 13, she performed on A Prairie Home Companion. Later, she appeared in numerous films and television shows.

Some of her most notable works include 1000 Ways to Die, Plague Town (2008), The Consultants, and many more. She made a guest appearance on the famous Sitcom series, Modern Family. 

Film & TV Appearances For Achievement 

Erica Rhodes was always passionate about acting. She began her career as early as she was just a little kid. She has appeared in a number of films and television shows. Some of her works include in the following movies and television shows. 

  • Plague Town (2008)
  • 18-Year Old Virgin (2009)
  • Foxfur 
  • Killer Eye: Halloween (2011)
  • Erica Rhodes: La Vie En Rhodes (Since 2021)

Is Erica Rhodes Married?

Erica Rhodes is currently single and is not married yet. 

Who Is Erica Rhodes Husband?

Erica is a single woman who is still unmarried. She is a funny woman who constantly jokes about her breakups. Details about her personal life have not been revealed publicly. She likes keeping her personal relationships private most possibly. 

What Is The Current Net Worth Of Erica Rhodes?

Erica Rhodes has led a challenging yet quite successful professional career. She followed her passion and worked as an actress on many projects. She did earn fame in the industry and also earned her fortune as well. Details about her total net worth as of now is not publicly revealed.

Actresses in America are paid quite well and the pay for a stand-up comedian will depend on the number of tickets sold. Rhodes recently appeared on the AGT auditions and stands a fair chance of winning. 

What Is The Erica Rhodes Family History?

Erica Rhodes belongs from a musical family background. Both her parents are talented musicians. Her father remained a clarinet player while her mother was a concert violinist.

Erica is a trained ballerina and cellist. It seems like she is the only child in the Rhodes family because no details of her siblings have been publicly revealed. 

Who Is Erica Rhodes Father & Mother Name?

  • Father: Dean Rhodes 
  • Mother: Kristina Rhodes 

Is Erica Rhodes Active On Social Media?

Yes, Erica Rhodes is active on social media. See here all social media platform details.

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