The Block 2024 contestants are five couples renovating homes on Phillip Island: A fresh new season of The Block has arrived for all enthusiasts in the architectural field and others. With a new season comes a new line of couple contestants appearing once again to win big cash prizes by renovating homes.

The final air date of the exciting 20th season is expected to happen by August 18th this year. The contestants have all dolled up and are really looking forward to showing the viewers an exciting new season. 

BlueJesse (29) and Paige (27)
PurpleKristian (31) and Mimi (28)
YellowRicky (34) and Haydn (37)
RedCourtney (32) and Grant (29)
GreenKylie (37) and Brad (32)

Which Contestants Are Participating In The Blue Team?

  • Jesse and Paige

Couple Jesse and Paige are the two fortunate ones who landed Team Blue House number 1. The couple comes from Western Australia and are engaged now which is something that makes all things exciting for them as a team.

A lot of new twists and turns and additional challenges lay ahead of the competition for them which they must strategically handle. Jesse seems to be professionally a carpenter which is a big advantage for them to maybe stay ahead than the rest.

Paige may work as a claims specialist but she knows how she can contribute to all the difficulties that lay ahead. 

What Backgrounds Do Jesse and Paige Come From?

Jesse and Paige are a strong couple who hails from Perth. Jesse is aged 29 and seems to be a professional carpenter while Paige, aged 27 is a claims specialist. While carpenting seems to have provided the couple an upper hand in the competition there seems to be something else going on within five weeks of filming process. 

Who Are The Members Of The Purple Team On The Block?

  • Kristian and Mimi

Kristian and Mimi belong to team purple in this season of The Block 19 Seasons. The Australian couple joined hands not just to showcase their teamwork in the show but have teamed up together for life.

Yes, they are now married hailing from South Australia. The duo seems to share a strong connection which is a much needed element while participating in the show. 

What Is The Purple Team Known For On The Block?

Kristian and Mimi are known as the popular newlyweds team. There are some rumors that these guys are going to be the ‘villains’ for this season. The ideal pair from Adelaide are famous on social media as well which is mainly because of their wedding videos that went viral on Tik Tok platform. People think that these guys are going to be dynamite this season. Well, only time will tell us.

Who Are The Members Of The Yellow Team On The Block 2024?

  • Ricky and Haydn

The yellow team includes best friends hailing from Victoria Ricky and Haydn. Both aged 34 and 37 are great pranksters and love having fun wherever and whatever they do.

While Ricky seems to be professionally a plumber can do the majority of renovating chores and Haydn professionally into the IT sector can just provide him the required assistance. Teamwork is key here for the duo to give their best works in this season of The Block. 

Who Are The Members Of The Red Team On The Block Season 20?

  • Courtney and Grant

Courtney and Grant belong to the red team this year from The Block season 20. As the first time for the married couple on a reality game show they are sure to give in their best. Courtney seems to have pretty much quite an idea about renovations because apart from being an event account director she is also a furniture designer.

Grant, on the other hand, is a landscape business development manager. The combination of this duo seems to be stronger than the rest and they couple prove themselves by bagging the highest bid during the auction. 

Who Are The Members Of The Green Team On The Block 2024?

  • Kylie and Brad

The green team on The Block season 20 includes the neon green colored hair Kylie and her partner Brad. Kylie seems to be professionally a hairdresser and knows what’s best to make things look good.

She can use somewhat the same concept this season to renovate the house that she and Brad are assigned with. Brad, on the other hand, is an electrician as well as a plumber. The married couple seems to possess the required skills to keep them ahead in the competition. 

Kylie and Brad the block

Who Are The Judges And Host For The Block 2024 Season 20?

Scott Cam confirmed that he would be returning as the host of the show for the 20th season. Channel Nine had confirmed the news of it. As far as the judges are concerned then Shaynna Blaze and Darren Palmer are the ones who will not hesitate to appear on the show once again.

Neale Whitaker appeared as guest judge in the previous season which we could see in his same role in the upcoming season. Marty Fox, on the other hand, appeared as an agent in previous seasons 16 and 18. He could be reprising the role of judge this season. 

Where Are The Block 2024 Houses Located?

All the houses that will be appearing in season 20 are located in Island Villa Coves on Phillip Island. The Block team had reportedly bought Island Villa Coves last year in September 2023 for a price of $8,758,000. 

Where Is The Block 2024 Filmed?

The Block is an Australian reality game show and its 20th season is being filmed in Victoria’s Phillip Island. This season will show the viewers that contestants will be working on holiday houses. Something like this has never happened before in the show. 

How Many Houses Are On The Block 2024?

Six couples will be competing in this season where each couple will be designated with a house. This means there are six houses in total that season 20 will showcase. 

When Does The Block 2024 Start Airing?

An official date has not been announced yet. The filming for the 20th season is currently underway and we expect that fresh episodes will start airing from August 2024. 

How Can I Watch The Block 2024?

Australian residents can hook up to Channel Nine to watch the fresh new episodes of The Block season 20. Amazon Prime Video application is available for streaming The Block season 20 episodes on a subscription basis. 

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