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Are you a renovation enthusiast with a flair for design and a competitive spirit? The Block Season 21, Australia’s beloved reality TV show, is gearing up for its 21st season in 2025, and it could be your chance to shine.

The Block is an Australian reality show where couples join as the casts and compete against each other to refurbish a home and sell it at the highest price. The journey from refurbishing a home till the home getting sold at an auction is not an easy task.

Apart from monetary benefits earned by the contestants they also gain valuable experiences and insights throughout the journey. The show is going to come with its 20th season this year and everything seems to be finalized now right from the cast to the filming locations.

Season 21 is yet to receive the green signal as of now but we think that there is a 100% possibility that it will get announced. 

How To Audition For The Block Season 21 In 2025?

A video submission on the online application process is mandatory for all contestants who wish to appear as cast on The Block reality show. It is a self-introductory video for the producers of the show to get to know you better.

Yes, you must be seriously giving your best while you record yourself making the video because if you are unable to impress the producer(s) then your application may get rejected right away. 

To audition for the show, every couple must fill out the application form online before the deadline. In the application form you will be asked a lot of personal questions and will be required to attach the self introductory video. Show your interest as to why you want to be a part of the show by answering all questions honestly. 

How To Casting For The Block Season 21?

Season 21 of the reality show The Block is still not renewed yet. But, the application process to get casted on the show will be via an online method. Interested couples will have to fill out the application form and submit it. Just follow the steps mentioned here to submit your application successfully. 

  • Once season 21 gets renewed you will be able to find information about the casting procedure on the official website. For instance click on the link here to know about how the application page will appear: THE BLOCK 2024 (
  • To get the latest details about application reopening do not forget to sign up to their email list. 
  • The application form will ask for details like your name, contact information, address, etc. 
  • There are a lot of questions in the application form and you can fill it out in multiple sittings. Remember to answer each question carefully and honestly. 
  • The form will also allow you to attach a short self recorded introductory video. 
  • Click on submit. You must receive the confirmation mail in your registered mail ID. 

Who Is The Host Of The Block Season 21?

Season 1 and 2 of The Block saw Jamie Durie as its host while Scott Cam and Shelley Craft hosted the show from its third season till 19th. Scott and Shelley will continue to serve as host for the upcoming 20th season as well. Shelley Craft also serves as the challenge master in every season. If there is a season 21 renewal then we will expect both of them to be back and reprise their roles as host once again. 

Who Are The Judges Of The Block Season 21?

The Block television show has witnessed numerous judges ever since the show debuted. While some of them have appeared as guest judges and left, we will expect to see Shaynna Blaze and Darren Palmer as judges in the next season. Judge Marty Fox had stepped in as partial guest judge in season 19 which we could see more in the next season as well. 

Where Is The Block Season 21 Audition/filming Location?

There is no in-person audition conducted for The Block applicants. The initial application process is to be done mandatorily on the casting website only. It is on the application form where you will have to submit a self recorded introductory video.

This video will be considered as an audition process because the producer of the show will judge your application based on it. If your application is selected for further process then you may have to sit for an in-person interview with the producer or director of the show. 

What Are The Eligibility Requirements For The Block Season 21?

The eligibility requirements will remain the same for every season of The Block reality show. The official website will keep updating information about the eligibility criteria. The highlights of the eligibility criteria can be read from the below points. 

  • The minimum age limit is 18. Anyone below the age limit cannot apply. 
  • Only couples can fill out the application for the show. 
  • Only legal residents of Australia can apply. They should possess all legal documents. 
  • An applicant having a criminal background will not be able to apply for the show. 
  • Selected couples must make themselves available for a 12-week filming period. 
  • Couples having experience in home renovations will be welcomed. It is not necessary that both of them should have experience. 
  • The online application form is a long one and can be done in multiple sittings. But, it must be submitted before the deadline period. 

When Is Application & Audition Deadline For The Block Season 21?

The production house has not yet decided to green signal season 21 yet because it is too early. The 20th season is knocking around the door and everyone will focus on that now.

the block 2025 application deadline

Once the 20th season is completed successfully then we can expect news about season 21 renewal. The Official website and official social media handles should update about the renewal of season 21 of The Block. 

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