I Kissed A Girl season 1 is the female version of I Kissed A Boy. In this show 10 single queer women contestants are selected. They stay together in a mansion in Europe and seek for true love. The very first season was released in May 2024 and ended on June 2, 2024.

This version of the reality dating show was able to inherit a great critic score which only hints us towards an announcement of an additional season soon enough. If you are a female looking for queer love then this might be your greatest chance to apply. 

How To Apply For I Kissed A Girl Season 2?

Application process for season 2 of I Kissed A Girl will most probably take place via online mode. Candidates would have to just fill out an application form online once the application window is open.

Selected candidates will be notified via email confirmation while candidates who were unable to make it through may not receive any notification. The application window for season 2 is not open yet but you can subscribe to its email list to get notified in the future. 

How Do I Audition For I Kissed A Girl Season 2?

A self-introductory video will have to be submitted along with an application form. The video must contain information about you. You must also talk about why you are interested. The video is significant for your application to get accepted for further processing.

If you are unable to impress the producer then your application will be ignored. Selected candidates might have to attend an in-person interview later on.

What Is The Eligibility Criteria For I Kissed A Girl Season 2?

You can have a look at the official website for the eligibility criteria. The requirements will be similar to I Kissed A Boy only. Do have a quick look at some of them below. 

  • Anyone applying should be 18 years or above. Underaged applicants are not preeferred on the show. 
  • Applicants must have legal proof of their residence. Candidates from the UK are being accepted only. 
  • The filming location will be in Europe at a particular country/location. Every selected candidate must possess a valid passport. 
  • Any individual having a criminal record will not be allowed to apply. 
  • Every selected candidate makes themselves available for the filming process. 

Is I Kissed A Girl Renewed For Season 2?

I Kissed a Girl season 2 is yet to be announced. Season 1 has ended recently and the production team will take some time to make the announcement of season 2. It is justified to say that the show did receive positive remarks which could motivate the production team to renew the show for another season. Application details will be revealed as well after the announcement. 

Who Is The Host Of I Kissed A Girl Season 2?

Dannii Minogue will host the show in the second season as well. The first season of the show was hosted by her only. If the second season is aired then fans will see Dannii as the host. With the second season still unannounced the confirmation news will also surface whether she is to return or not. 

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