Welcome to our comprehensive guide to the “Cast of The Block 2024”! This season promises to be one of the most exciting yet, featuring a diverse group of contestants ready to showcase their renovation skills and creativity.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to each cast member, their backgrounds, and what they bring to the competition. Get ready to meet the personalities who will transform homes and captivate audiences throughout this thrilling season.

Who Are Jesse & Paige On The Block?

Jesse and Paige hail from Perth, Australia and have decided to join as cast on The Block season 20. The couple shares an unmatched bond which they feel will be beneficial for them to get on with all the challenges that may come in their journey in the show.

As far as Paige’s qualification goes then she holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Commerce degree. Paige professionally works as a claims specialist while Jesse is a carpenter. 

The duo could not complete their challenge and had to exit unfortunately. As far as their net worth goes then we would say that they have been living a good life. The average salary received by a claims specialist in Australia is $75,000-$90,000 while a carpenter receives around $80,000 annually. 

jessie and paige the block

Who Are Maddy & Charlotte On The Block 2024?

Maddy & Charlotte are a sister couple who have almost made a wild card entry in the show after the potential exit of Jesse and Paige. The rumors about the exit of Jesse and Paige may have troubled the producers for sometime but they were able to find their replacement. Jesse and Paige found the work environment quite competitive which is why they opted out. 

Maddy and Charlotte are sisters hailing from New South Wales were approached by The Block production team to appear as contestants on season 20. The lucky duo will now finish what Jesse and Paige left incomplete.

The duo might have made a late entry on the show but it seems like both have got quite an experience in renovating buildings. It is said that they have renovated an old cottage house which was as old as from the 1950s. 

Who Are Courtney & Grant On The Block Season 20?

Courtney and Grant are one of those couples who will be appearing as a contestant on Team Red in the show. Courtney aged 32 and Grant aged 29 are the married couple who have joined hands to renovate the holiday homes on The Block season 20.

Courtney is professionally an events account director and as well as a furniture designer while Grant is a landscape business development manager. 

Both of them are doing quite well on the show and have made impressive progress on their work. The duo seems happy and also having fun on the show which suggests that these guys know what they are doing.

As far as their net worth goes then we can assume that they have got quite a decent income. The average salary of event account directors is $150,000 in Australia while the average salary for landscape business developers is $65,000 per year. 

Courtney & Grant

Who Are Ricky & Haydn On The Block Season 20?

Ricky and Haydn are the best mates who have landed on team yellow on The Block season 20. Ricky aged 34 and Haydn aged 37 loves having fun everywhere because they are very good pranksters.

The duo hails from Victoria and seems to be doing good at their work on the show. They do not have any problem with the challenges that lay ahead of them. 

Ricky works as a plumber in Australia while Haydn is an IT worker. Both are simply great at their respective fields but what’s even greater is their team work.

As far as their net worth goes then it is fair to say that they are doing good with their lives. The average salary of a plumber is around $83,000 annually while an IT worker has an average of $104,000 annually. 

Who Are Kylie and Brad On The Block Season 20?

Kylie and Brad hail from Cairns, Queensland and belong to team green on this season of The Block. Kylie’s neon colored hair has perfectly suited her team color. The duo is another set of married couples on the show this season.

Kylie aged 37 and her partner Brad aged 32 works as a professional hairdresser and business owner and Brad as an electrician and a plumber. The duo seems to have portrayed great team work so far with no hesitation while working. 

The duo was seen taking selfies at local stores purchasing homewares rather than shopping inside big chain stores. Couples who love shopping locally are much appreciated by the viewers.

As far as their net worth goes then both earn pretty good annually. The average salary of a hairdresser is $70,000 annually while a plumber earns $83,000. 

Green Team: Kylie and Brad the block

Who Are Kristian and Mimi On The Block Season 20?

Kristian Belperio and Mimi Belperio are a famous newlywed couple appearing as a contestant in the show. The purple team duo hails from Adelaide and have received quite the spotlight on their social media accounts.

Their Disney themed wedding became quite a viral video on Tik Tok. Kristian aged 31 and Mimi aged 28 are professionally an electrician and restaurant manager. 

Kristian and Mimi

Kristian and Mimi seem to be doing well on the show so far. The creator of the show has hinted that there are major surprises holding out for the viewers.

As far as the net worth of the duo goes then they have been living a good life with their professional and personal lives. The average salary of an electrician in Australia is $95,000 while a restaurant manager makes $75,000 on average per year.  

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