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Eliza and Liberty have always become the most favorite sister duo on The Block season 19. Season 19 had premiered in 2023 which was as entertaining as all the previous seasons. Eliza and Liberty became fan favorites because they were able to attract viewers using their sense of humor. 

Eliza and Liberty Biography

Real Name Eliza Paschke & Liberty 
Age 38 & 35
Occupation Personal Assistant & Producer 
Hometown Melbourne 

What Is The Relationship Between Eliza and Liberty?

Eliza and Liberty share a friendly sister relationship between each other. The strong and confident women did lack renovating skills but the work they did really left everyone impressed. Eliza is professionally a mental health advocate and is a personal assistant. Liberty, on the other hand, works as a producer in an advertising company.

In What Context Do Eliza and Liberty Appear?

Eliza and Liberty appeared on The Block season 19 as contestants. The show requires duos working as a team to renovate a home. Sisters Eliza and Liberty decided to apply for the show and luckily they were able to make it to the show.

The sisters always seem to have fun with each other. In real life, the duo share an incredible bond and always have the support for each other. They seem to have their backs whenever life becomes challenging. 

What Are The Main Characteristics of Eliza and Liberty?

Both sisters lead a healthy and happy life. But, they do not possess any knowledge or skill about renovating a house. With no background of building and renovating, the sisters did not hold back at all.

They decided to step out of their comfort zone and do something different. The kind of mindset they have is truly amazing because not all of  us would be ready to do something that is out of our expertise.     

What Is The Current Net Worth Of Eliza & Liberty?

Eliza professionally works as a personal assistant in Australia. Before she made her way through as a PA, Eliza worked in television and radio. We do not know the exact reason why she left but I guess it was for her own good reason. The average salary received by a PA in Australia is $75,000 which only hints us the net worth Eliza has. 

Liberty, on the other hand, works as a producer in an advertising agency. The average salary that she could be receiving would be around $93,000 per annum. The income she has is quite good to provide her with a lavish lifestyle. 

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