Eva and Trystenne

Eva And Trystenne are another team competing on the milestone tenth season of The Amazing Race Canada! They’re both personal trainers from Toronto and are motivated to inspire young girls with their “pure Black Girl Magic”



Who are Eva and Trystenne on Amazing Race Canada 2024?

Eva and Trystenne are two friends who have decided to team up and appear as a contestant in Amazing Race Canada 2024. The duo took to their official Instagram account and shared a post about their selection in the upcoming season. 

Bio of Eva and Trystenne Amazing Race Canada Season 10

Eva and Trystenne are professional personal trainers. The two had met on social media back in the year 2018. By the year 2020, the two started working at the same gym.

While Trystenne has her background roots to being Jamaican, Eva on the other hand is a Canadian. Both completed their studies and soon realized their passion for inspiring others to remain fit and healthy. 

What Is Eva and Trystenne Net Worth?

The exact net worth details of this friendship duo is still under wraps or is still unknown. Being a personal trainer by profession only makes us believe that they are doing good enough for themselves to make a decent living out of it.

However, if they can grasp the chance to win this season of Amazing Race Canada then they will win a big amount of money and therefore add to their total net worth. 

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