Brad and Sam are a father-daughter duo competing on The Amazing Race Canada Season 10 In 2024. They’re known as “Generational Grit” and are looking to prove themselves and strengthen their bond through the challenges of the race.



Who are the father-daughter duo Brad and Sam?

Brad and Sam are the father-daughter duo who have announced their involvement in the upcoming season of Amazing Race Canada 2024.

This is going to be their first time that they will be appearing in a reality game show. Brad remained a NHL player and is now retired while Sam on the other hand is an avid triathlete. 

Bio of Brad and Sam

Brad and Sam hail from Toronto and the relationship that they share is a father-daughter relationship. Both seem to be quite competitive in their fields and will do anything to win this season of Amazing Race Canada 2024.

Brad had won the Stanley Cup Champion and his daughter is an event manager. Each of them has their strengths and we hope it will help them get along during their competition. 

What is the net worth of Brad and Sam?

The net worth of Brad and Sam is not yet known publicly. While Brad remained a NHL player it is likely that he earned a decent salary. His daughter on the other hand completed her studies and is into event management. So, both of them are doing well enough. 

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