Connor and John

Connor and John are contestants on the upcoming season 10 of The Amazing Race Canada. They are friends who met in university and are aiming to prove that representation matters and break stereotypes during the race.



Who are the playing duo known as Connor and John from Amazing Race Canada?

Connor and John are two best friends who have announced their participation in the upcoming season of Amazing Race Canada 2024. The friends seem to be quite close with each other and also seem to understand well about each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

Both Connor and John had shared a post on their Instagram about their involvement in the upcoming season of Amazing Race Canada. 

What do Connor and John do as their occupation?

Connor completed studying his law and now he is a lawyer by profession while John on the other hand is a content creator. John’s face is something that most people will easily recognise because we might have seen him on the internet since he is a famous content creator. 

Biography of Connor Carroll and John Ferguson Amazing Race Canada

Connor was born and brought up in Ontario while John was born in Erin Ontario as well. Both of them completed their junior and higher studies from their respective hometown. It is likely that the duo met when they were still studying.

While John is two years older than Connor, both of them seem to get along quite well. The understanding that they have should benefit them in the competition. 

What is the net worth of Connor and John?

Connor works as a lawyer while John is a famous content creator. Both are into different professions and therefore the exact net worth is not known. 

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