Gracie Lou smile is something that you will definitely love. Gracie could have a celebrity relative from anywhere across the industry.

Her facial structure and overall physical attributes does not give any hints about her mysterious celebrity relatives. Well, she is a confident young woman who will prove to be a strong competitor to others in the show. 

Show Name:Claim To Fame Season 3
Real Name:Gracie Lou 


My Celebrity Relative Is Related To Me As: Uncle 
My Celebrity Relative Is Best Known For: Musician 
The Most Prestigious Award That My Relative Has Won Is: An Emmy Award 

Background & Early Life 

Gracie Lou is the only contestant here who seems to have provided her second name. Well, that seems to be not enough to make correct guesses about who her celebrity relative is.

Gracie was born and brought up In the United States and she completed her studies from her hometown. As a growing kid she always has been inspired by her celebrity relative whom she still looks up to as her role model. 

Claim To Fame Journey

Uncle, Musician, and an Emmy Award will only be one of those lucky and most talented celebrities that Gracie Lou is a relative of. Gracie, along with the rest of the contestants will be appearing in the show for the first time. As nervous as she should be, she seems to be equally excited.


Gracie seems to be a confident looking woman and we could easily guess that those attributes come from her celebrity relatives only.

She is a risk taker and has always got the knack for doing things that are adventurous and exciting. A playful and cheerful person will be the perfect example of her true personality. 

Gracie Lou Claim to Fame


Personal achievements of Gracie Lou have not yet been revealed publicly. Her close friends and family members are the only ones who know all about her achievements.

But, her biggest achievement would be if she can win the title this season of Claim To Fame. The hunt for the $100,000 cash prize will soon begin. 

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