Hud is a contestant on the show Claim To Fame season 3. He is one among the 11 selected candidates who will guess the celebrity name of others and compete in the game show.

Hud looks like he is in his mid 20s and is as confident and excited as ever to join the show. The show will be airing its first season on 10th July and we will have a clear idea about Hud’s personality. 

Show name:Claim To Fame Season 3
Real Name:Hud 


My Celebrity Relative Is Related To Me As My: Mom 
My Celebrity Relative Is Best Known As: A Singer 
The Biggest Achievement That My Celebrity Relative Earned Is: A Grammy 

Shorten Background and Early Life

Hud is an American by birth who will be seen in the show Claim To Fame season 3. He was born and brought up in America and it is likely he completed his studies here in the country itself.

He was always a loving kid and everyone in his family loved him and he received the full support of everyone. He might want to become like his celebrity relatives in the future.

Claim To Fame Journey

From the hints that he has provided we feel like that his celebrity relative could be in fact his mom. Well, we also cannot take things for granted because what if he is a great prankster and is lying about his relation with his celeb relative. Hud is a worthy candidate to win the ultimate cash prize but the journey is not going to be so easy. 


Hud’s personality still remains a mystery to everyone out there. But, we think that he is not at all a serious person. Just like most youngsters he too loves having fun. He definitely has the winning mindset which could prove advantageous for him in the show. 

Hud Claim to Fame


Hud’s personal achievements are not yet revealed publicly. But, he could achieve the winner’s title in Claim To Fame season 3. This will be his biggest achievement of his life because he has always dreamt of winning it. 

Future Aspirations 

Hud seems to have a promising future ahead. With the kind of support and love that he receives from his friends and family it is likely that he could follow his celebrity relative’s footsteps. If it is really his mother who he looks up to then he may become a singer possibly in the future. 

Social Media 

The social media of Hud and every other contestant on the show seems to be private and hidden at the moment. Hud is definitely available on social media platforms but due to the ongoing show’s filming he will not want anyone finding out who could be his celebrity relative. 

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