Dedrick is another contestant on the Claim To Fame season 3 show. He looks like a lot of celebs that we know not to mention his facial structure is almost similar to Dwayne Johnson.

Dedrick is a confident man who has decided to try his luck in  winning the $100,000 grand prize in the show this season. He is up for any challenge. 

Show NameClaim To Fame Season 3
Real name Dedrick 
Gender Male 


My Celebrity Relative Is My: Uncle 
My Celebrity Relative Is Best Known For His: Singer 
My Celebrity Relative Has Won The: Best Rock Song 

Background & Early Life 

Dedrick is a colored contestant on the show, Claim To Fame season 3. This is going to be the first time ever that he will be appearing in a reality show.

Dedrick completed his studies from his hometown and has always been a playful kid. Ever since he was a little kid he was always inspired by his celebrity relatives whom we still do not know yet. 

Claim To Fame Journey

Dedrick, as mentioned earlier, is going to appear in the show Claim To Fame for the first time in 2024. Being an intelligent person, Dedrick is going to do his best to prevent himself from elimination.

He is going to compete with other strong candidates which are going to make his journey to the final touch. However, he has the full support of his friends and family which has always been his motivational factor.


Dedrick has provided us with hints that most of us might be able to guess the celebrity relative’s name right. Dedrick is always up for challenges and has the ability to handle risks. His kind nature is something that has always been one of his strong characteristics.

As exciting as he is to participate in the show, Dedrick seems to be a bit nervous as well but his friends and family know that he can tackle every challenge. 

Achievements & Aspirations

Dedrick will be seen on a reality show for the first time in his life. He is super confident that he is going to make it through the finale. Winning the show will be the biggest achievement of his life. We do not know much about what else he is passionate about but as of now his focus seems to be on the show.

Dedrick Claim to Fame

Future Aspirations 

Dedrick will have a promising future if he is able to win the ultimate cash prize at the season finale. He would love to follow what he has always been interested in ever since he grew up in his hometown. Well, not much has been revealed publicly but we will get to see what he decides to do after winning here. 

Social Media 

Dedrick might be an active social media user because he doesn’t love sharing posts once in a while to showcase their day-to-day activity. But, due to the ongoing process of the show it seems like he has kept every social media profile private. People are guessing who his celebrity relatives could be.  

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