The American teen drama rose to fame ever since the first season arrived. Euphoria has always been loved by the viewers. The casts along with the overall plot have been appreciated by binge watchers. Well, keeping those aside the production team will expectedly return with a new season.

Aspiring actors may have an opportunity to have a chance to work in the new season. If you want to audition for the drama show then we will provide you with all the required details. 

How To Audition For Euphoria Season 3?

To audition for Euphoria season 3 it is going to be a tough journey. This is not a reality show where there will be an official website for the application process.

Actors who wish to be on the show will have to contact the casting director. Only if he/she is a renowned actor then they may get a call from the casting team after which they will have to submit an audition. 

Another thing that you can do is contacting your agent. It is your agent who will have the responsibility to get in touch with the concerned team. If the casting team is interested in you then you would have to submit the audition. 

Euphoria Season 3 Casting Call 

There is no direct way to get into the casting call process for Euphoria season 3. However, there are some third party websites where casting producers have a sneak peek for new actors.

For example, Backstage and Project Casting are one of those platforms where you can seek for casting calls. The right thing to do for the casting call process is to get in touch with the production team right away. 

When is the Euphoria Season 3 Release Date?

The third season is in its production stages as of now. Binge watchers and fans might have to wait till 2025 to watch a brand new season from Euphoria. We are expecting that no interruptions will be made during this time so that an early 2025 release is confirmed. 

What Is Eligibility Criteria To Application For Euphoria Season 3?

  • Interested actors must submit an audition which will be evaluated by the team. 
  • Candidates will have to be present for the filming process. 
  • They must be a legal resident of the United States. 
  • Anyone having a criminal background will not be preferred. 

Who is the Euphoria Season 3 Cast?

  • Zendaya 
  • Jacob Elordi 
  • Barbie Ferreira 
  • Maude Apatow 
  • Dominic Fike 
  • Eric Dane 

The above mentioned list of actors are just being assumed to be returning in season 3. We do not know who all are confirmed for the third season. But, fans will expect to see the return of all original casts 

Is There A Trailer For Euphoria Season 3?

The third season is still underway with its production. This means that there is no official trailer for season 3. Do not worry people because soon there is going to be an official teaser and trailer being released. For the time being you can just follow the social media handles of the show. 

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