Duncan and Tom are a father-son duo who was seen as a cast in the Australian television show, Do You Want To Live Forever.

This may be the first time that they are appearing on a television show. They have revealed the fact that they really have experienced benefits after the 12-week challenge. 

Duncan And Tom wiki

Real Name Duncan & Tom Armstrong 
Age 52 &
Occupation Former Olympian & Construction manager  
Hometown New South Wales 

What Is The Relationship Between Duncan & Tom?

Duncan and Tom are the father and son duo who appeared as cast in the first season of Do You Want To Live Forever. Duncan is a popular name in Australia because of being an Olympic gold medalist winner.

Tom, on the other hand, is a successful construction manager. The duo seems to know each other like no one else. 

In What Context Do Duncan & Tom Appear?

Duncan is the one who seems to have been facing health concerns for a while now. He is seen with his son on the show who seems to show all the support to his dad.

Duncan will be undergoing numerous medical trials and health interventions as well. The benefit of all this is to receive clues that will help them live longer.

What Are The Main Characteristics Of Duncan & Tom?

Duncan seemed to have experienced a heart attack at the age of 52 only. Even though he was leading a healthy lifestyle he faced the issue. Therefore, he had to go through triple bypass surgery.

The bonding that these two have has really helped them in the show. Tom had even gained an entire decade back which dropped his biological age from 38 to 28. 

What Is The Current Net Worth Of Duncan & Tom?

Duncan used to be an Olympic champion and he has secured a world record in the 1988 Seoul Games in the 200m freestyle. On the other hand, Tom is a construction manager.

The exact net worth of the duo is still under wraps. The average salary received by a construction manager in Australia is $190,000 per annum which is great. 

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