The previous season of the Australian show, The Block has witnessed some of the best house renovations. Luke and Taylor are a duo team who happened to appear in the contestant lineup in the last season.

The couple made sure that they would be doing and delivering their best in it. Fans and viewers were really impressed with how they tackled challenges during their tasks. 

Luke And Taylor Biography 

Real Name Luke & Taylor 
Age 28 & 28
Occupation Construction worker & Salon Owner 
Hometown Victoria 

What Is The Relationship Between Luke & Taylor?

Luke and Taylor are a real life couple who teamed together to renovate a house on The Block season 19. They lead a promising yet a challenging career in their respective fields.

The couple do share kids and as parents they want to set a positive example to them. While Luke belongs occupationally from the construction field Taylor, on the other hand, is a salon owner.

In What Context Do Luke & Taylor Appear?

Luke & Taylor are a determined couple who make a great team not just as parents but as contestants in a show. Each individual has got their strengths and weaknesses and they work together to come up with solutions to complex situations.

Both seem to keep a positive mindset and have a calm nature. This really helps them going forward in their respective personal and professional lives. 

What Are The Main Characteristics Of Luke & Taylor?

Luke is a 28-year old construction worker from Victoria while Taylor is a 28-year old woman who also hails from Victoria and is a salon owner. They are working parents who share kids.

The duo seems to love their family more than anything else in the world. Apart from that they prioritize their health over anything else. They are doing their most to set an example to their kids. 

What Is The Current Net Worth Of Luke & Taylor?

The average salary of a construction worker in Australia is $75,000 per year which is very good. Taylor being a salon owner expectedly makes a decent income per year.

Her income will depend on the number of clients she receives each day. However, we can say that she easily makes more than $65,000 each year. 

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