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Ola Electric E-Motorcycles – Ola’s two-wheeler vehicles have become the new sustainable and environment friendly ride. Ola is known to be an online cab booking company but the launch of their sub brand Ola Electric brings whole new outlook.

Ola Electric developed and manufactured electric scooters with the primary intention to provide customers a smooth ride and have positive impact on the environment.

Ola Electric is now focusing on their new two-wheeler electric bike launch. Even though the launch is not happening anytime soon but it could bring surprising features and experience.

What is the on-road cash price for Ola Electric E-Motorcycles?

The exact price of Ola Electric E-Motorcycle could be unexpectedly fascinating. This is because it is a new product segment from the brand and the ultimate price tag could definitely be jaw-dropping.

The previously released e-scooters were priced between INR 75,000 to INR 1,30,000. The brand could follow a similar pattern but be slightly on the higher side. The on road cash price would depend on the variant a customer wishes to purchase. 

The expected on-road cash price of the vehicle could be between INR 1,00,000 to INR 1,50,000 which is surprisingly good enough. The manufacturing brand have not provided any details about the vehicle’s exact pricing. The brand could soon reveal some significant hints about the starting price of the two-wheeler.

Do you know when Ola Electric plans to release their new e-motorcycles in India?

Ola Electric E-Motorcycle Launch Date In India – Well, as of now we are not really sure about the exact launch date. This is because no official statement has surfaced about it.

The company is making efforts to officially release its e-bike by first half of 2026. The information has been revealed by the company in their draft papers.

What are the specifications of the Ola Electric E-Motorcycles?

The electric motorcycle could bring a lot on the table for us. Since it is quite early to make assumptions about the exact specifications we are sure that the brand could make a lot of changes in it.

There could be enhanced battery specifications along with better riding comfort and experience. No additional details have been released so far. However, you can expect the following specifications.

  • Rear brake: Disc 
  • Motor type: Mid Drive IPM 
  • Range: 195 km/charge 
  • Front brake: Disc 
  • Charging time: 7-8 hours 

How does the design of the Ola Electric E-Motorcycle differ from traditional motorcycles?

The new electric model from Ola Electric could come in the market with conventional and practical design. There has been some news surfacing that the brand has filed for design patents for their three motorcycles in India. Well, we hope that whatever they are planning to put on the table brings great value to the ultimate consumers.

What type of engines will Ola Electric use in their upcoming e-motorcycles?

The engine is something that the brand would make surprising changes. The main intention would be to manufacture an engine that gives the rider a smooth riding experience. The engine must provide powerful performance. As of now no details or information has been revealed yet.

What are the features of Ola Electric E-Motorcycles?

Even though it is quite early for us to make assumptions about the features, you can expect the following things. 

  • Fast charging: Yes 
  • Clock: Yes
  • Tripmeter: Digital 
  • Speedometer: Digital 
  • Mobile connectivity: Bluetooth/Wifi 
  • Charging point: yes 
  • Brakingtype: Combine Braking System 
  • Mobile application: Yes 

How long does it take to charge an Ola Electric scooter battery?

As far as the battery charging time is considered then the brand is offering a fast charging option. However, the charging time could take about 6-8 hours approximately depending on the size of the battery.

The company might guarantee 8 years or 80000 km of worry-free riding. This means there should be no problem for the bike to run for many years hassle free. 

What are the installment options and loan tenures available for Ola Electric E-Motorcycles?

Ola Electric would want to grow its goodwill in the market. Therefore, they will provide option for customers to purchase via finance method. The expected EMI could be for a loan of INR 1,22,033 over a tenure of 36 months at an interest rate of 9.7% per annum.

Now, due to the unannounced price tag, the exact EMI installment would be difficult to guess. Get in touch with the customer care executive or at the local Ola Electric store to know more about such financial details.

What are some alternatives to Ola Electric E-Motorcycles?

  • Yamaha Electric Scooter 
  • Ather 450X
  • Matter Aera 5000
  • Odysse Electric Evoqis 
  • Hero Electric Optima 
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