India’s First CNG Bike

Geniuses from India were always working on a new model of a bike that could run using CNG. Well, here it is the new Bajaj Freedom hybrid model that runs both on CNG and petrol.

Riders will just have to switch their desired riding mode and then they can ride on any fuel type that they wish. 

The bike seems to have a longer body with a good seating capacity. The petrol tank capacity installed in the bike is 2 liters and a 2 kilogram CNG tank under the seat.

Bajaj Auto launches the India’s First CNG Bike

This explains why the seat is longer than most other bikes and the overall body of the bike is elongated. The company claims that this bike can easily complete 230 kms on a full CNG tank. The petrol will provide a mileage of 65 kmpl. 

The bike is designed for both cities and villages. With the elongated seat fitted into the bike it can easily carry around 4 four people. But, it is necessary that you follow every Traffic rule as much as possible. The bike can also manage to carry heavy loads.

Indians always tend to do things in a shorter and smarter way which ultimately reduces overall cost. The manufacturer has installed four bag carrying handles so that you can easily carry certain kinds of luggage easily. 

With an expected starting price of INR 55,000 this bike from Bajaj could do wonders in the Indian market. As of now, the exact specifications have not been revealed yet. We also do not know exactly when the launch is going to take place. 

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