Keith Tisdell BiographyKeith Tisdell Biography

Keith Tisdell is a Denver, Colorado-born, young all-star basketball player who rose to fandom with his playing and with his acting. The fact that he was charged with grand theft after allegedly stealing a sizable sum from a charitable trust that he and a friend had established damaged his reputation as an actor and a talented player.

There are not many specifics about the lawsuit against Keith Tisdell, but it undoubtedly damaged his reputation. Apart from this, not much is known about Keith Tisdell, thus we are here to talk about it and provide additional details about his life, including his biography, wiki, family, and other things.

Keith Tisdell Biography/Wiki

Born in Denver, Colorado, Keith Tisdell played basketball for Aurora Central High School and was an all-star. Despite Northwestern State University of Louisiana offering him a full basketball scholarship due to his skill in the game, he was set on a career as a child psychologist.

Tisdell’s career path changed towards the beginning of his high school senior year. Upon attending an open house, he received an invitation to relocate to New York City, New York, in order to pursue a modeling career.

Tisdell eventually completed his psychology degree and even played professionally for a brief length of time. The modeling opportunity was eventually taken, and he began working with the Tupu Kweli Theatre Company in Harlem.

There, he discovered a taste and a skill for acting that eventually got him started and on the right track. He has appeared in a wide range of advertisements, stage productions, TV shows, and even independent films. Criminal Minds was one of those programs that was able to draw attention to him for a variety of reasons.

Keith Tisdell wiki

Keith Tisdell’s Family, Relationships, Education & More

There isn’t much information regarding Keith Tisdell’s family or relationships. As for his education, he completed his high school at Aurora Central High School. He later went on to pursue his psychology degree and wanted to become a child psychologist.

The Fact of Criminal Minds Keith Tisdell

The shocking fact about Criminal Minds Keith Tisdell is that during his short stint with the show Criminal Minds, off the set, he grew close to actor Shemar Moore, a regular on the show for eleven seasons. The two made the decision to form Baby Girl LLC, a nonprofit organization. Moore made a significant financial commitment to Tisdell and the company.

The drawback of this was that Tisdell was later discovered to have been retaining the money for himself rather than giving it to the organization and the store as intended.

Moore learned of this in 2016 and sued Tisdell, who was ultimately ordered to make a settlement payment of more than $60,000. Additionally, Tisdell was ultimately accused of grand theft, which caused Moore to harbor strong animosity towards him.

Current Net worth, Salary & Income of Keith Tisdell

Keith Tisdell’s net worth, salary, and income are not currently up to date, but we were able to compile some Information about them.

The sources estimate Keith Tisdell’s net worth to be about $200,000 as of 2021. His acting, directing, and producing jobs provide the majority of his income. His monthly income is roughly $32,000.

Keith Tisdell Net worth In 2024 & Year by Year

The current net worth of Keith Tisdell in the year 2023-24 is over $200,000 From his Acting career.

Net Worth (2023-2024)$25+ Million (Approx.)
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