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JYP Entertainment is a renowned South Korean entertainment company. The multinational company was founded in May 1997 and has been able to do successful projects over the years.

South Korean artists got a breakthrough in their career through JYP, and it also helped provide renowned groups as well. Some of them include Stray Kids, Twice, and Nexz.

The company keeps windows for auditions open most of the time of the year. Artists not only get a chance to showcase their talent but make a professional career out of it. 

How do I apply for JYP Entertainment auditions guide to step-by-step

JYP Entertainment is a company that is open to auditions for artists belonging to any country. This only tells that the application process is completely online, as the number of artists applying will be in large quantities.

However, they also conduct offline auditions as well at different locations. The steps are quite easy and if you follow the steps as given below then you will easily be able to submit your application. 

  • Artists are required to visit the official auditions JYP website. Click on the link here: JYP AUDITION (jype.com)
  • A new page is expected to pop up. Scroll down, and you will see the ‘Apply’ button. 
  • Even though there is no restriction on age limit and country, there are different procedures for the audition process according to the country. 
  • Select option ‘Korean’ and age if you are a Korea resident. Select ‘Non-Korean’ if you are not. 
  • If you select Non-Korean, then an online audition form will open. Fill out all the details in the form. At the end of the form, you have to submit either an audio or a video file. This will be considered as your online audition. 
  • Write your self introduction and agree to the terms and conditions before submitting. 

Who Is Eligible To Audition For JYP Entertainment?

To audition for JYP Entertainment, there are only a few eligibility criteria that every artist needs to meet. There are restrictions on age and country for artists who wish to audition at JYP Entertainment. However, there are certain requirements that need to be kept in mind. 

  • There are no restrictions on the artist’s genre. This means you can audition for acting, music, singing, modeling, and rapping. 
  • The artists applying for the auditions must mandatory submit their auditions online via official website. 
  • Any artist having a criminal background will be disqualified or will not be allowed to apply. 

What Types Of Auditions Does JYP Entertainment Offer?

There are five genres of activities that artists will be able to submit their auditions on. They include singing, dancing, rapping, acting, and modeling. Each type has its own audition requirements. Let us take a quick look at each one of them below. 

  • Singing: Artists can sing any genre song. Artists must possess singing capacity based on breathing, pitch, rhythm, pronunciation, and technique. 
  • Dancing: Again, artists appearing for dance auditions can perform any genre. The dancers must be flexible and must carry stage presence in themselves. 
  • Rapping: Rappers can perform any song covers or a self-written piece. But, there should be a sense of rhythm and the technique must be vivid. 
  • Acting: Artists from any genre of acting can audition. The actors must be able to provide the best acting skills with perfect emotion delivery. 
  • Modeling: Modeling includes walking and posing only. Models must have the ability to pose with their own signature style. They must be confident and everything should be original. 

What Should I Prepare For The Casting?

The auditions will be different depending on the country you belong to. But, it is always a good option to prepare yourself before you submit or record your audition video. Please note that the auditions will be conducted via an online method. During the time of your application, you can submit a recorded video/audio of yourself and submit along with your application. 

To best prepare yourself for the casting, you need to ensure that you take the initial phases seriously. This means giving your best for your auditions. Brush up your skills again and again until and unless you think you have a perfectly recorded audition tape. All you need is self-confidence and a positive attitude. 

How To Apply JYP Application Online?

Applications for JYP Entertainment are done via an online method through the audition website. The official audition website includes an application form along with attachment options for audio and video submission. The entire process is quite simple and if you are still confused then just follow the steps mentioned below. 

  • Go to your internet browser and search JYP Audition. The search result appearing at the top should be the official audition website. Or you can just click on the link here: JYP AUDITION (jype.com)
  • Here in this page you will see the ‘Apply’ button at the right-hand side. 
  • Click on that and enter your nationality. There are separate forms for Koreans and a separate form for Non-Koreans. 
  • Now, you will land at the application page. 
  • Fill out the application form and submit your audition audio if it is a song or a video if it is anything else that includes a visual representation. 
  • Click on submit after agreeing to the terms and conditions. 

How Can I Make Sure My Application Is Submitted On Time?

Yes, there are certain ways to check the audition start and its deadline schedule. If you are interested in auditioning as an artist, then you must first follow the company on their official social media account and be regularly updated on their website.

JYP Entertainment will post details about the audition schedule on their social media account and also on their website. Follow the schedule and submit your application on time, and this is how you will be sure that your application has been submitted on time. 

How Long Does The Audition Process Take?

The audition process takes around 3 weeks before selected candidates get notified about the audition result. If you do not receive any notification within 3 weeks, then you must understand that your application has been rejected.

The team will contact via phone number to artists who get through and if the selected artists are overseas then they will be notified via email. 

What Should I Wear To The Audition?

It is highly recommended that you dress up comfortably for your auditions. The company does offline auditions as well at different locations throughout the year. Whichever method you choose, you must wear clothes that go along with your act.

If you are a dancer, then you can go for something casual and as well as trendy. It should be comfortable and as well as it should make you feel to stand out and confident.

What Qualities Is JYP Looking For In Auditionees?

JYP always looks for people who are confident and have a warm character. This means that anyone who is irresponsible or is not disciplined enough, then that artist could be rejected straight away.

Every artist appearing for the auditions must showcase their true self via their audition performance. Things like these are greatly appreciated and help give auditionees value. 

Is There A Fee To Audition For JYP Entertainment?

No, there are no fees or any hidden charges that anyone has to pay for the auditions. Anyone irrespective of what age they are, and their country can apply for the auditions free of charge. 

How Should I Handle Nerves During The Audition?

The best way to handle nervousness is to be confident in yourself. The more practice you do, the better you become at something. Apply the same principle while you are auditioning for JYP Entertainment as well.

You can also find a qualified professional to help you out with your act, just to ensure that you are doing things the right way. When the day comes, you can just go and do your best. 

What Happens If I Pass The Audition?

If you clear the initial audition phase, then you will be asked to attend a private audition in the JYP center in Korea.

This means if you get selected in your first round of auditions, you will have the chance to visit the head office of JYP Entertainment and get to witness different artists coming from different parts of the globe. 

Can International Applicants Apply?

Yes, JYP Entertainment accepts auditions and applications from artists belonging to any country. There is a separate form for Koreans and a separate form for Non-Koreans. 

When Is The Last Date To Apply For The JYP Audition 2025?

Follow the social media accounts to know more about the deadline details. As of now, you can visit the official website and submit your auditions. Keep visiting the website to know the audition start and end date. 

Where Will JYP Audition 2025 Be Held?

JYP Auditions 2025 will be held at different locations around the globe. Starting from Japan to North America, the team of JYP will visit major countries to hunt for talented artists. Do visit the official website to know more about such details. 

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