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Talent and skills are not good enough if they are not expressed to the world. So You Think You Can Dance is one of those reality shows that brought out talented and skilled dancers in front of the public eye. The dance reality show is expected to bring back another brand new season next year in 2025.

With that being said if you have got the moves and have always fantasized yourself performing in front of the world then this might be your greatest opportunity. So You Think You Can Dance 2025 application window is open now. 

What Is The Online Casting Process For SYTYCD Season 19?

Fox Network is the official broadcasting partner of SYTYCD and interested candidates will find the online application from its official website.

The casting process includes an online registration process followed by application submission and finally the auditions. The following steps should get you going with the application process. 

  • Ensure that you meet all eligibility criteria and important requirements before you register/apply as a contestant. 
  • Visit the application site by clicking on the link here: FOX Broadcasting Company | Full Episodes, Shows, Schedule
  • Follow the prompts that are made on your screen. Read carefully every detail and questions that pop up. 
  • Select the type of dance that you want to perform. 
  • Upload a video of your dance in the application form. You can use YouTube or Vimeo links. 
  • Submit your application. 

How To Apply For So You Think You Can Dance Application & Where Can I Submit My Application?

The application submission is a hassle free process. But, you need to keep in mind that it must be done in one sitting only. If you have not registered yourself on the official portal of Fox Network then it is suggested that you do that first.

Do not forget to check the eligibility requirements and any important information that is provided on the site. Once you are done then you can fill out the application and submit a less than 90 second video of your dance. The audition process will take place at a given location onsite. 

How To Preparing For The SYTYCD Audition?

The audition day is the day that you must give your best. Your chance of getting into the show depends on how you perform. Your ability to perform solo and as well as in a group is the quality that the judges will look out for. Well, if you come prepared then there shall not be any problem. 

  • Try to relax yourself as much as possible because being nervous will kill your performance. 
  • Practice a solo performance for the audition phase and do it with immense passion. Make sure to take the stage with confidence. 
  • When asked about your dance background and aspirations then answer not just confidently but with honesty. 
  • Do not wear anything that is uncomfortable. But, instead wear those clothes that will impress the judges and bring out the best in your performance. 

Does So You Think You Can Dance Accept Online Auditions?

The team working behind acceptance of candidates do accept online auditions as a method for its selection process. However, this was not the case before the outbreak of the coronavirus.

Due to the outbreak of the pandemic situation in-person auditions became difficult and almost impossible. But, in case an audition takes place in a nearby location to your hometown then you can attend that. 

Does ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ Currently Hold Open Casting Calls?

There are multiple casting directors, producers, coordinators and assistants for the show. These people work together to find out the best locations in major cities all across America.

Yes, the team has started doing open casting calls once again which was temporarily stopped a few years ago due to the outbreak of the coronavirus. 

The 19th season which took place in March 2025 had held an open casting call. Many participants had the chance to audition in front of the judges and lucky and talented ones even got selected for further stages of the show.

The show hunts for passionate, skilled, and talented dancers across various dance forms like hip hop, jazz, ballet, modern, and more. 

Who Is The Casting Member Of ‘So You Think You Can Dance?

The casting member of SYTYCD season 19 is not known to be a single person because there is a spectrum of members included in its casting process. Several dancers who appeared as contestants in the show’s previous seasons have teamed up together to serve as casting members.

For example, Tahani Anderson, Alexa Anderson, Erin Ellis, Jessica Fernandez, Lindsay Arnold, and many more are the cast members of the show.

What To Expect In SYTYCD 2025?

There is a high chance that the showrunners will renew the dance competition show for another season. Sooner or later we will hear the official news about it. If everything goes right then we can even expect the release of the season by March 2025. Season 19 of the show which will happen next year will once again bring back the original host and judges.

Cat Deeley served as the host in the previous season and Allison Holker, JoJo Siwa, and Maksim Chmerkovskiy served as judges. There could be a new guest judge in the next season which could be surprising to the viewers. 

Who Are The Key People Involved In Selecting Dancers For So You Think You Can Dance?

There is a whole process that happens behind selecting dancers for the show. Apart from the online application and auditions stage key people like the producers, casting directors, judges, guest judges, and the audiences need to be impressed.

The primary selection of the dancers begins with the producers of the show. They oversee the whole audition process till the final selections. 

The casting directors, on the other hand, are responsible for organizing and conducting the auditions. They do this by visiting various locations across the country.

The judges then throw in their feedback on the performance of the dancers and so do the guest judges. At the end, the viewers also get a chance to vote for their favorite performer. They show their support through their votes.  

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