AGT, currently running on its 19th successful season has seen some of the most remarkable performances. We all know that each judge gets a chance to award a Golden Buzzer which allows the performer/artist/contestant to advance to the further stages of the show.

In the previous episode which was the auditions round witnessed the singing performance of 14-year-old boy Reid Wilson. Apart from being a talented singer at such a young age, Reid is almost a masterclass in gymnastics. 

Who Is The Reid Wilson From AGT?

Reid Wilson is a 14-year-old boy who hails from Alabama. He appeared on the show along with his mother during his audition performance previously on AGT. He revealed during a pre-performance interview that as a kid he used to run around the whole house and scream his lungs out.

He is the middle-child in the Wilson family, who self-taught his singing skills. His entrance in AGT season 19 made him a star among his family members and now among millions of viewers and fans.

Real NameReid Wilson
Age (As of 2025)14 years old
HometownAlabama (America)
Current StatusContestant on AGT Season 19
Known ForTalented singer and gymnast
Notable PerformanceSang “You Don’t Own Me” during AGT auditions
Golden BuzzerPossibly awarded by Judge Howie Mandel
EducationStill In School/Colledge
Marital StatusUnmarried; no girlfriend
Net WorthAims to win the $1 million AGT prize

When Did Reid Wilson Audition For AGT & How Was The Performance?

Reid always had a strong interest in singing because a few years ago he used to perform songs in small family gatherings. This was one of his biggest opportunities and he said that he was going to make the best out of it.

He took the stage wearing a high neck white color sweater with jeans below. He introduced himself to the judges and sang the song, ‘You Don’t Own Me.’

His performance immediately blew everyone’s mind away starting with judge Howie Mandel. As he sang through, the audience started enjoying themselves all along till the end.

At the end of his performance, he received a standing ovation from the audience and as well as from the judges. Judge Simon said ‘We weren’t expecting that.’ which made Reid so happy.

Judge Howie believed that he could go a long way and to help him do that he may have pressed the Golden Buzzer.

Early Life Bio & Background 

Reid is the middle child among his siblings in his family. He is a confident boy who understands what he wants to do in his career. With no musical background, Reid took the responsibility to learn music. His dedication and hard work over the past year really paid off. He comes from Alabama where he was born and brought up to his American family. 

He seems to still be completing his school because he is not an adult yet. But, what’s interesting is that he developed early interests in music. As a child he used to perform in family get-togethers. This means he received full support from his parents to follow his dream. He has a loving family with two other siblings and his parents. 

What Is Reid Wilson Known For Professionally?

Reid Wilson is now being professionally known for the 14-year-old talented singer. He has self-taught the singing quality that he has gained over the few years.

His dedication has left him receiving the Golden Buzzer which is just the start in his career. The AGT stage is now the perfect opportunity for him to chase his dreams and make it into reality. 

Can You Tell Us About Reid Wilson’s Family Background?

Reid Wilson has a loving, caring and supportive family. Even though he revealed that being the middle child he does not receive much recognition but he has the support of all of them.

His mother showed up to his audition performance and yes she turned out to be his lucky charm because Howie Mandel values the artistic passion that Reid has. 

What Is Reid Wilson’s Marital Status?

Reid Wilson is at the age of a school going kid. He is unmarried and does not have any girlfriend yet. The details about his private life remains private information to us all as of now. We will get to know him more later on. 

What is Reid Wilson’s Current Net Worth?

Reid Wilson is an under aged kid who only carries the passion for singing. He does not do any professional job that he will be having a net worth.

Reid Wilson does have the chance to win the ultimate $1 million cash prize at the finale of AGT season 19. But, as difficult the road to victory is for Reid he is equally determined to build a career in singing. 

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