Lauren and Nicole

Lauren and Nicole Peters are one of the teams competing in the Season 10 of The Amazing Race Canada. They are identical twins from Mississauga, Ontario, currently living in Los Angeles, California, where they both work as actors.



Who are Lauren and Nicole Peters from Amazing Race Canada 2024?

Lauren and Nicole Peters and twin sisters who have been selected as a contestant in the upcoming season of Amazing Race Canada.

The duo had announced their involvement in the show via an Instagram post. They both had expressed their feelings about how happy and excited they were to be participating in the show.

Biography of Lauren and Nicole Peters

Lauren and Nicole Peters were born and brought up in Ontario. The twin sisters completed their studies from their hometown before they decided to pursue a career in acting.

The sisters share an Instagram account and as well as have got their individual accounts. They seem to be quite famous on social media platforms having a significant amount of followers. 

What is the total net worth of Lauren and Nicole Peters?

As of now the youngsters’ net worth is still unknown. The duo spend most of their time working on various acting projects. It is likely that they earn decent enough to make a good living.

The sisters are quite hopeful that they could win this season of Amazing Race Canada. Their athleticism and like-mindedness could prove beneficial. 

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