Miguel seems to be one of the youngest in the cast lineup this season of Claim To Fame. From the name we figure out that he may have a South American background.

Yes, it will be exciting to see how he advances in the show and prevents himself from getting eliminated.

Like most other kids Miguel has a playful nature and despite his young age he could prove to be a strong and worthy competitor. 

Show name:Claim To Fame season 3
Full name Miguel 
Gender Male 


My Celebrity Relative Is My:Grandfather 
My Celebrity Relative Is Best Known For: An Actor 
My Celebrity Relative Has Won The:Oscar 

Miguel Background & Early Life

Miguel seems to have a South American background just by judging from his name. We think that he grew up in the United States where he also is completing his studies.

If he is from a background where his relative is an actor then we think he could belong to any Mexican-American actors. Well, only time will tell the truth. 

Miguel Claim To Fame Journey 

Miguel has hinted that it is actor grandfather who is his celebrity relative. We think that his celebrity relative could indeed be his grandfather. Popular names like Danny Trejo come to our mind.

Well, so far Miguel seems to be doing good in the season 3 of Claim To Fame. he is trying his best not to get eliminated.

Miguel Personality

As already mentioned earlier, Miguel is a playful kid. Being a young kid he does seem to have a sense of responsibility and matureness in him.

He carries great confidence in him and believes in himself that he could do his best. He has the love and support of his friends and family. 

Miguel Claim to Fame

Miguel Achievements 

Miguel is going to be on a television show for the first time in his life just like most other contestants. This is a great achievement for him which he thinks will give him great value in life.

He is going to learn a lot of new things while he is in the show. Even if he gets eliminated he will have exposure to how certain things work. 

Miguel Future Aspirations 

Miguel is just a kid who seems to have not yet completed his higher studies. There is a lot of time for him to think about his career and make the right decisions for it.

However, there is a high chance that he will follow in the footsteps of his celebrity relatives. He seems to have been inspired by the world of his relative. 

Social Media 

Miguel may be an active social media user with a good amount of followers. As of now the social media accounts of Miguel seem to be private. Details about his social media might be revealed once the show is over or if he is eliminated. 


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