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Next Level Chef Season 4 – You guys may have noticed that it is more difficult to prepare a meal than to enjoy it. Well, a lot of culinary competition shows were developed just to encourage the works of chefs. Similarly, one of them is Next Level Chef 2025.

Winners from each season receive a grand prize of $250,000. The series made its debut in the United States in 2022. This may be the ideal time to apply for the new season.  

How To Audition For Next Level Chef Season 4 for 2025?

Next Level Chef Audition 2025: It comes as a piece of good news that the fourth season has been renewed. However, the potential release date will not be expected anytime soon.

The third season is ongoing and there seems to be a lot of time for season 4. Applications and audition windows will be opened for the new season. 

  • Contestants interested to participate in the upcoming season must visit the casting website. Click on the link here to visit the page: NEXT LEVEL CHEF CASTING (
  • A new window shall pop up after you click on the link. You will see an initial screening questionnaire here. Fill out the form properly. 
  • The form includes around 71 questions. So, you must have plenty of time to complete it in one sitting. 
  • Submit the form by filling out all the mandatory questions. 

What Is The Casting Application For Next Level Chef Season 4?

Next Level Chef Application 2025: Next Level Chef season 4 is currently casting for their upcoming season. It is likely that the fourth season will be airing early 2025.

So, there is a lot of time for the filming process but the application window may get closed anytime. Follow the steps that are mentioned above to fill out the application. 

The form that you will be filling out is the initial screening application. You need to fill out the form with honesty. There are many questions in the form that will judge your skills as a chef.

The media section at the end of the form is where you will be asked to upload a photo of a dish that you have plated. 

These details will be judged by the team behind. So, it becomes utmost significant to provide the best answers to every question. Giving your best will boost the opportunity of getting through. 

Next Level Chef Casting Season 4

Who Are The Host & Judges Of Next Level Chef Season 4?

Previous season host, Gordan Ramsay will be the host for season 4 of Next Level Chef. Ever since the show aired we saw Ramsay being the host. People and viewers have always loved his judgment and way of mentoring young chefs. Additionally, he also serves as one of the mentors as well. 

There is a panel of judges in the show. The judges pass their judgment about the dish prepared by the contestants. It is almost impossible to impress them which is why contestants have to give their best to become the ultimate winner. The list of judges include the following people. 

  • Gordon Ramsay 
  • Nyesha Arrington 
  • Richard Blais 

How To Be A Cast On Next Level Chef Season 4?

Next Level Chef Season 4 Casting: The casting for the fourth season of the culinary television show is currently open. It doesn’t matter from which state you apply because anyone from anywhere will be accepted.

Filling out the application immediately will be a wise choice. Do not miss out the opportunity because the window could be closed anytime soon. Follow the steps that are mentioned above to apply directly by visiting the casting page. 

Contestants need to ensure that they are eligible. Non-eligible contestants will not be allowed to fill out the form. Additionally, it is also significant to read the terms and conditions before submitting the application. 

When Is Next Level Chef Season 4 Air Date?

The fourth season was renewed earlier and therefore the production team is looking for new casts. The application window is open currently. The fourth season could have a potential release date of Jan 2025.

So, there is ample amount of time for the release of the next season. In case you haven’t submitted the form then you need to do that first. 

Is There An Official Trailer For Next Level Chef Season 4?

Well, as of now there is no official trailer for season 4 of Next Level Chef 2025. However, there are numerous episode clippings that are available for free on YouTube. You may have a look at them or you can directly visit Fox official website to watch all full episodes. 

Next Level Season 4 Chefs & Prize Money

It is a piece of good news that previous season judges Gordon, Nyesha and Richard will be back as mentors and judges in the next season of the culinary show.

Competitive new contestants will be competing against each other for a $250,000 cash prize. Winners do not just receive money but gain experience and recognition. This is a good thing for their professional career. 

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