Huntsville’s Got Talent 2025

Huntsville’s Got Talent is a non-profit event. The show takes place in Ontario, Canada. The first show started from 2017 and will have another season next year. HGT’s primary intention is to help local talent gain reputation and celebrate them.

The intention is also to raise funds for the Huntsville Community. The team has collected around $78,000 by conducting these events. With that being said, the winner of each season receives the highest cash prize. The registration starts a month or two prior to the competition. 

How To Register For Huntsville’s Got Talent 2025?

Every year the event takes place around Feb and this year it was done in the month of Feb itself. So, we could expect registration for 2025 to begin by Nov or Dec this year. The show then can have its event started by Feb once again in 2025.

If you live nearby then this might be a good opportunity to impress judges and win. Do follow the registration steps mentioned below carefully. 

  • The online registration for 2025 is now open. Visit the official website or click on the link here: Registration and Audition — Huntsville’s Got Talent (
  • After clicking on this link you will see a new page pop up on your screen. 
  • Scroll down a bit and you will find the application form. 
  • You will have to fill in details like name, address, age, talent being presented, details of guardian and more. 
  • Click on submit to successfully register. 

How To Audition For Huntsville’s Got Talent 2025?

The audition process for HGT 2025 will be conducted online itself. Eligible candidates will just have to first register themselves and then submit the audition video to the HGT team. If you are confused or stuck for the audition process then follow the steps below carefully. 

  • Candidates need to submit a video audition on the candidate’s YouTube channel. 
  • In case there are candidates who do not have a YouTube channel then they can create one. 
  • Keep the title of the video as your last name, first name, HGT2025. 
  • After the video is uploaded candidates must retrieve the video link and send it to email ID: 
  • Make sure the email has a subject heading of your last name followed by your first name and HGT2025. 
  • If a candidate is below the age of 13 then a guardian must complete the above steps. 
  • Once you have submitted the audition video in the email id you have to wait for at least 48 hours before you receive your audition confirmation. 

If you are unable to submit your audition via online mode then you can do it in-person as well. Get a hard copy of your registration form and audition video saved in a pendrive. You can submit it at Community Living Huntsville, 99 West Road, Huntsville, Ontario. 

Who Are The Judges Of Huntsville’s Got Talent?

Yes, there is a panel of judges in this talent show as well where every performance is judged. The list of judges for the show includes the following people. 

  • Neil Barlow 
  • Sue Kirwin 
  • Geordie Sabbagh 
  • Andre Wahl 

Who Are The MC Of The Show Huntsville’s Got Talent?

  • Brock Cunningham 
  • Tyler Mathieson 

What Is The Eligibility Requirement For HGT 2025 Auditions?

Even though there is no age restriction to appear in the talent show, there seems to be certain requirements for auditions and competitors. All of these criteria’s should be met by every individual appearing on the show. 

  • There is no age restriction to enter the show. 
  • Every competitor must be a resident of Ontario. They must belong from North Muskoka to be eligible to participate. 
  • There are no outdoor stunts available for contestants to perform. Every act must be done on the stage. 
  • Every selected performer must be present at dress rehearsals mandatorily. 
  • Contestants may be required to sign waivers for publicity. 
  • Anyone who has a high income will not be eligible to participate. 
  • Anyone who has appeared in any of the previous seasons as winners are not eligible. 
  • HGT is a family friendly event so only G and PG rated performances are only allowed. 
  • The finalists’ performances must not be longer than 4 minutes length. 

How Does Judging Take Place In The Show?

Well, the judging of the show is quite simple. Only 9 contestants make it through the final performance. This is selected from the audition submission. The finalists list are announced either on the official website or on the social media handle.

The public is given the right to vote for one contestant who will make the Wildcard Finalist. The judges making the decision of their choice will be considered the final decision.

Judges will provide scores that will be based solely on the performance put up by the contestants. A maximum of 10 points will be awarded for the best performance. 

What Is The Winning Prize For Huntsville’s Got Talent?

The winning prize is a cash prize of $1000 while the runner-up position receives $250 and third position contestant receives $100. The next season is likely to have a similar prize system to keep every contestant motivated. 

When Is Huntsville’s Got Talent Coming Out In 2025?

Huntsville’s Got Talent is all set to arrive on 1 Feb, 2025 with a brand new season. The selected finalists will be performing on the Algonquin Theatre stage at 7:00 p.m. These people need to do their best and impress the judges all at once. 

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