How You can Apply for Big Brother Australia 2025

Big Brother Australia 2025 could be a lot of fun and exciting only if it gets the green signal. Big Brother Australia has been able to garner some entertaining episodes over the past decade. Each season from the reality show series witnessed entertaining content and an exciting line of casts.

The series was able to catch the attention of its viewers. The production team always renewed the series for a new season each time a season ended successfully. 

The show was consistent enough to bring a new season to a given timeline each year. The showrunners will be giving it a thought before they decide to bring on a new season.

In the meantime, if you are an enthusiast of being the cast of the show then you may have a chance to prepare for the Big Brother Australia 2025 application process. 

When is the deadline to apply for Big Brother Australia 2025? (Assuming Applications Are open)?

The casting team of the show always finds a way to make the application process quick and easy. The Big Brother Australia application process is conducted via an online method. This is one of the most convenient ways for the BBAU team to manage huge applications.

The application process, being simple and easy, can be done in one sitting. But, candidates must be ready with their recent photographs and audition video saved in their device beforehand. 

  • Eligible candidates would have to first visit the official application process website of the show. Click on the link here to visit the page: Apply to be a Big Brother contestant | Big Brother Applications
  • A new page shall pop up in the window. Then click on the Apply Now button and proceed. 
  • In the next step, the application window will open where you will be asked to fill in all required details. It is to ensure that you meet all eligibility criteria. 
  • Moving forward, you will have to submit the application form and attach all required documents. 
  • Click on submit to successfully send in your application process.

How To Audition For Big Brother Australia 2025?

The audition process is also another thing that candidates can submit online. The submission of an online self introductory video is a hassle free solution for candidates and as well as for the casting team.

Before you are allowed to submit your auditions it is mandatory for every individual to register and submit their application online. Follow the steps mentioned below to get going with the online audition process

  • Firstly, click on the link mentioned above. That link will lead you to the application page of BBAU 2025.
  • Next, take the necessary steps to land on the application page. 
  • You will have the chance to go through the eligibility criteria. Checkbox all of them to proceed forward. 
  • You must save your latest photographs on your device along with a minute long self introductory video. 
  • At the end of your application process, you may require to attach them on your application form. It will be considered as your audition. 
  • Click on submit. Your auditions will be submitted automatically. 

What Is Big Brother Australia 2025 Application Start Date and Deadline?

BBAU 2025 is yet to be renewed by the production team. As of now, there is no official confirmation about the renewal process. Eligible and interested candidates can fill out the application form by visiting the above mentioned link.

You can follow the official website of the show and also its official social media handles to remain updated with the latest news about the renewal process. 

Is Big Brother Australia Coming Back In 2025?

Big Brother Australia is likely to not return in 2025. The show was canceled by the distribution partner due to poor viewership. The show was able to gain good viewership at the initial stages but as years went by numbers of its viewership became a concerning factor.

So, with that being said BBAU did not return in 2024 and it is likely that the show will not be renewed in 2025 as well. This news came as a heartbreak for many fans and many contestants as well.

Fans and as well as the contestants had a good time with the series. But, let us not be hopeful enough because the production house thinks it is a good idea to stop the renewal of any more additional seasons. 

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