How to Get casting on the Amazing Race - With ImageHow to Get casting on the Amazing Race - With Image

Are you someone who loves to travel? Or someone who want to be on the TV? Many of you watch the popular reality competition The Amazing Race and have seen their favorite teams traveling and doing adventures all around. But have you thought about doing it all that too with no money.

Yes you heard right no money and you can travel around the world. If you are someone who loves adventures and exploring variety of places then the auditions of The Amazing Race are for you. Here we have mentioned all the things that you need to get cast on the reality competition series The Amazing Race. 

About the amazing race 

The Amazing Race is a reality competition series streaming on CBS channel. The show consist of particular number of contestants in the pair of two. This adventures reality game show has been popular since season one and now its makers are getting ready for the season 35.

With its constant plot but adventurous concept the show has maintained its fanbase over the years. In the show the teams race all over the world collecting and finding clues. The teams journey starts from the United States and then end at the UN Headquarters, New York.

The race requires the participant teams to go through all the different countries, places, finding accommodation, interacting with locals, being physically fit, get through physical and mental challenges that too in the limited budget.

After eliminating each teams only three teams qualify for the finals and the audience gets ultimate winner of the Amazing Race in the finale. The winning pair receives grand prize of $1 million.

What is the amazing race casting process 

The Amazing Rase casting process is simple as you need to complete the process mentioned. There are two methods to apply for the show you choose one or the other way. The very first is you can sign up for the show through the official website by filling the application form and the second is that you can search for the open casting calls going on currently near you.

In the first method you need to fill the form and wait for the call back from the makers. Once your application gets selected you will be called for the auditions. While in the open casting calls you need to visit the place where the casting is going on.

You can participate in the casting call process and appear for the auditions with your partner. After the auditions wait for the further updates. If you get cast for the show you will be informed about it via phone call or email address.

What is the amazing race casting requirements document 

There are not much of documents that you need to have while applying for the Amazing Race. here are some of the documents that you need.

  • Identity proof
  • Passport 
  • Driver’s license
  • Current photo

When is the Next Amazing Race Casting & Audition

The casting for the latest season of the Amazing Race is going on. The applications are accepted year-round. You can apply for the casting application online and wait for getting selected for the auditions or you can opt for any nearby open casting calls.

How to sign up Application for The Amazing Race?

So to sign up for the Amazing race you need to fill out the application form in one sitting. The form can be found on the shows official website. When you visit the website you will see the show name on the website or if you couldn’t find it search for the show and then you will see the link on the site.

Once you find the registration link click on the link. Now submit all the required details truthfully. Make sure to read all the terms and conditions given on the website before signing up for The Amazing Race.

The Amazing Race Application Process 

If you have check the eligibility criteria and requirements for The Amazing Race and have decided to apply for the show then here is the application process that you need to follow:

First you need to make a 3 minute long video with your teammate. The video should be real and should not be scripted. Make sure that the video demonstrates you and your teammates character thoroughly. You should be able to capture your relationships in the video presenting the bonding between you two.

The video should contain introduction, skills, qualities and how you both can be best fit for the show. Mention your qualification and experience that you think will help you in the coming episode. Make sure to capture both of you with the proper setup. Your video should have a clear background and proper lighting. Shoot the video in the given format following the video size, dimension and the type.

The video needs to be at most 30 MB in size and can be any of the . now after making a video you need to submit the headshot of you and your teammate both separately and together. To be specific a headshot of you and your teammate individually and one photograph of you both together. Save each photo in required format with the size 2.95 MB or less.

The Amazing Race Application Process

Now after arranging photos and video its time to fill the application form. You need to fill the application form in one go. To fill the form visit the official website. Fill all the required details like you and your partner name, age, email address, phone number, occupation, marital status, birth date, experience and few more.

Also you need to state the relationship of you and your partner with a short description about your team. After filling all the details upload your photo and video in the required column. Check the form once again and click on the submit button. 

What is the The Amazing Race Auditions Procedures

The audition process for the Amazing Race will take place if your team’s application get select. You will be informed through the phone call or mail that you have mentioned. Once your audition get schedule you and your teammate need to attend the interview where you might be ask some questions related to the show.

the amazing race eligibility criteria

In the interview briefly explain that what make you suitable for the show and how you will be the right team to get cast. The audition can last for a  short time or it can take extra time. Be punctual for the show and ace your auditions confidently. 

What is the The Amazing Race Eligibility Requirements 

The show does not have many limitations but there are some eligibility requirements that you need to follow regarding physic, age, citizenship and other conditions. To be eligible for the show you need to have a specific teammate with whom you are comfortable and have a strong bond.

While performing your teammate is an important factor to have a strong performance. You both should be comfortable with each other while communicating about anything. There are no relationship restriction you can have anyone as your teammate but you should not get hesitate to talk about your relationship openly.

Consider your friend, sibling, spouse, lover, parents or any person you are close with instead of choosing someone you met one month ago. After getting a partner you need to ensure that you and your partner must be at least 21 years old or older than that to participate in the show.

Both of you need to have US citizenship with valid passport and driving license of US. both of you should live in US. You and your partner should not have any relationship with the producers, employers, employes and any relative of the employee and employers.

You both need to be fit physically and mentally and should be ready to have a background check. If you guys get selected be ready to take physical and psychological examinations nevertheless you need to complete your medical history. The casting team of the show has already mentioned some of the qualities and traits they look for in candidates. Those are not mandatory but having them provides you advantage over others.

The applicants having strong and high spirit while being adventurous, outgoing, enthusiastic about nature and able to  adapt any situation physically and mentally. Go through all the requirements mentioned on the website so you can have what it takes to get selected and  Concluding all of this the most essential is being yourself.

The Amazing Race Casting & Application Deadline Date 

The Amazing Race Casting and application process starts 4 – 5 month before before start filming the show. Keep checking out the official sites for updates. You can search for the nearby casting calls as it also starts when the makers of the show search for the new contestant actively. 

In which country does the Amazing Race take place? 

The show takes place in the United States only. The adventure starts from the US and then continue to all around the world from discovering countries like Mexico, Brazil, South Africa, UK, Maleshiya, Singapur and the list goes on. However roaming all around the world the teams end there adventure at the finishing point of United States. 


Amazing Race Review & Rating 

The Amazing race has always been one of the favorite reality show of the viewers. The exciting and amazing plot of the show has gain number of applauds has the top rating of 3.3 out of 5. Over 15K people rating 7.8/10 on IMDB and 15+ critic reviews. The show has maintained its top rank.

Amazing Race Review & Rating 
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