Road to the horse 2025

Held in Kentucky, Road to The Horse is a major colt-starting event. This year the event took place from March 21st to March 24th. The event will take place officially in 2025 as well as potential new competitors.

If you want to join the event whether as an audience member or a participant then tickets and application can be done via the official website. You better hurry to secure yourself a spot for the biggest event. 

What Is The Process To Apply For A Competition Spot In Road To The Horse?

To represent yourself as a competitor you need to receive an invitation from the selection committee. If you have received the invitation then an online application form must be filled out and submitted.

Potential competitors may even secure a position at the event in case they have won a Road to the Horse Wild Card event. If you think you have cleared all requirements to represent yourself as a competitor then follow the steps mentioned below to fill out the online application form. 

  • Click on the link here to directly visit the application page: Compete – Road To The Horse
  • Fill out the blank spaces providing the required details. 
  • At the end of the form you will have to submit photos of your horse. 
  • Upload and submit your form. 

How To Qualify/Requirements For Road To The Horse?

A group of equestrians has been selected in the selection committee who will review every application properly and carefully. These groups of experts will see the trust you and your colt have through the video links that you submit.

The committee members may ask for additional videos’ links to understand better. There seems to be no exact eligibility criteria for the event. But, applicants must have knowledge and experience in this area. 

  • It is possible that only adults are allowed to apply for the event. 
  • Submission of the online form is mandatory for all selected applicants. 
  • Until and unless the selection committee approves your application you will not be allowed to apply. 
  • Acquire immense knowledge and experience in this field to be a strong competitor. 

What Is The Road To The Horse 2025 Schedule Date? 

Road To The Horse will be happening once again in 2025. The tickets for the event are currently on sale from the official site. The event is scheduled from March 27th to March 30th, 2025. The official website has released all details about the 2025 year. 

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