Thunderbolts is going to be the last film of Phase Five of the MCU.

Steven Yeun who is one of the leading casts in the movie was originally cast as The Sentry.

The filming of Thunderbolts was delayed multiple times until its filming wrapped up in mid June 2024.

The film is being directed by Jake Schreier who is going to direct a MCU film for the first time in his career.

Andy Park (Marvel Studios Director of Visual Development) had said that Thunderbolts would be a sequel of the 2021 released movie Black Widow.

Thunderbolts is going to be the 36th film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Thunderbolts is basically a team of supervillains who has got a hero-like personality to replace the Avengers.

Thunderbolts is going to be the first MCU superhero movie for actor Steven Yeun.